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Dish Of The Day: Spaghetti Bolognese

Dish of the day: spaghetti bolognese

It seems strange that something so simple as thin strings of pasta bundled up in a rich meat sauce could be such a culinary superstar. It's the perfect date food, the ultimate source of nourishment for students, a go-to comfort food and a long-standing family favourite – bolognese just has a special place in our hearts. And here in Ireland, it's no different. Restaurants like Café Oasis, Guzto Wood Fire Pizza and Hey Presto have been serving up this gem for years.

An Italian favourite

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Pizza, risotto and – of course – the bolognese, there's no denying that Italy has come up with some real foodie gems. Rich, comforting and bursting with flavour, we think this one up there as one of the best. You'll find onion, carrot, celery, red wine, tinned tomatoes and mince at the base here – sub in a handful of herbs and a bit of seasoning and it's good to go. It's generally slow-cooked, giving it that gooey, tender richness that we all know and love.

A question of authenticity

With a name like bolognese, it's no surprise that this tomato-y wonder hails from Bologna, Italy. It's been around for absolutely ages, with the first reference popping up in a late 18th century cookbook by Pellegrino Artusi. And he must have been onto something, because we're still tucking in today.

In traditional Italian cuisine, pairing the rich, hearty sauce with spaghetti is unheard of – instead on dinner plates across Italy it's sandwiched between lasagne sheets or bundled up with tagliatelle. It was up here in northern Europe that we decided to sub in spaghetti.

Big bowls of pasta

You'll find loads of great places here in Ireland that show the bolognese some love. For this Italian superstar in all its original glory, check out Café Oasis' version, for a classic, rich tomato sauce stirred through pasta and garnished with a little oregano.

Guzto Wood Fire Pizza rebel against the norm by topping theirs with mozzarella, a gooey treat that brings the dish to new luxurious heights. Talking about luxury, over at Hey Presto they use beef mince made from steak for a richer flavour, and they can even sub in wholemeal pasta if that floats your boat.

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