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Dish Of The Day: Spice Bag

Dish of the day: spice bag 

Some say it's the most addictive food to hit Irish shores in a generation. Others say it's the only thing known to satisfy even the most insatiable appetites in five minutes flat. Whatever you've heard about it, no doubt it's been good. The fabled spice bag has a lot to live up to. Luckily for us, it manages to do so. Every. Single. Time.

The crispy chilli dish has reached almost viral status in Ireland. Wok On Inn, in Dublin 1, offers not one, not two, but four spice bag options while over in Smithfield, The Fresh Kitchen have upgraded their bag to a box. Fear not, country cousins, regional variations are available and Limerick's very own Wok To Go is supplying spicy snack boxes to the residents of Thomas Street and beyond.

Spice is nice

Consisting of crispy chicken, chips and a mystery blend of spices with the odd batch of mixed peppers thrown in every now and again, the spice bag has reached almost dizzying heights of fame. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are packed with accounts dedicated to the tasty bag of good times. Honestly, spice hasn't been this popular since Wannabe was number one.

Born in the midlands

The spice bag seems to have appeared out of nowhere. However, like most Irish heroes, it has its humble beginnings in a small midlands county.

Generally assumed to be a Dublin invention, rumour has it that the spice bag actually originated in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. Yes, the same county that gave us Saoirse Ronan and Ritchie Kavanagh has also provided us with Ireland's most famous culinary phenomenon since the jumbo breakfast roll. Carlow, you are the gift that keeps on giving.

You had me at shredded chicken

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So what is it that's so good about the spice bag anyway? . Well, there's something about the magic of ripping open that bag, steam rising and temporarily obstructing your view, while the peppery aroma teases your taste buds with the most addictive combination of ingredients since cheese and onion were thrown together.  

You'll find spice bag options aplenty on Deliveroo. Wok To Go has adapted their recipe to include a few sausages and nuggets. In Dublin, The Fresh Kitchen in Smithfield has their own version, adding carrots, onions, and a secret five spice seasoning to round out their contribution. And Wok On Inn's four varieties offer up everything from wings to nuggets in order to satisfy even the fussiest of spice bag connoisseurs.  

Don't miss out on this crispy culinary craze. Let Deliveroo bring the celebrated spice bag to your door.

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