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Dish Of The Day: Steak

Dish of the day: steak

When you want a traditional meal with tasty trimmings, you'll need a meaty main. And we all know that nothing beats a killer cut of steak. Mammoth, mouthwatering, and undoubtedly moreish, it doesn't get better than this. When you've got a steak on your plate, you've got the crème de la crème.

Bondiola Argentina, Asador, and La Caverna know what you're craving and have got the goods to get you sorted.

Just go with it

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A proper cut of steak features prime, well-aged and tender beef. Then, it's got to be cooked to perfection, and to order. Whether you're a believer in blue, a medium-rare reveler, or well-done through and through, there's nothing that beats that first bite of steak.

And then the sauces. Whether you like yours drizzled with chimichurri sauce, drenched in garlic butter, dip chunks into a peppercorn sauce, go luxe with bearnaise, prefer all things cheesy or the sweeter tones of a honey glaze, there's a steak-y companion out there for everyone.  

The 15th century favourite we all know and love

Steak is as straight up as it comes. But its history? Not so straighforward. As far as we can tell, steak has been popping up in recipes since the 15th century. Although back then it was referred to as stekys. And we're still not quite sure who to build our steak shrine to.

Steak has a signature place in every meat-eaters heart. But no two tastes will ever be the same. Chefs may have their preference, but they'll always ask you how you like yours. So, what makes up the perfect steak taste sensation for you?

It's all about the cut and how you cook it

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One thing's for sure, steak is an international treasure and a treat all round. And the best way to serve it? Classic, of course. When you order from Asador, your signature steak is served with fries and onions, with a choice of pepper, chimichurri, or béarnaise sauce on the side.

At Bondiola Argentina, you get your steak served up a treat. Grilled to perfection and sandwiched between to two beautiful bits of bread, then topped to the nines, there's no other way to enjoy steak on the go.

And then, there's the cut to consider. When it comes to kinds, we're really spoilt for choice. You only have to look at the La Caverna to feel like a lucky foodie. Choose from a classic Irish T-Bone, tender fillet, succulent ribeye, or juicy sirloin to enjoy with a side of fries and garlic sauce on top.

For a stunning steak dish, however you have yours, choose your cut and the restaurant and let Deliveroo do the rest.

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