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Clucking for Chicken? Check Out the Top Chicken Joints in Dublin

Are you clucking for some chicken? Check out these top chicken joints

We all know that Dubliners absolutely love Nando's, but the popular chicken restaurant isn't the be-all and end-all when it comes to enjoying the prime white meat. In fact, Dublin is home to a large number of restaurants that all serve up their own delicious options for the succulent bird. Whether you like your chicken on the bone, in a burger or sandwich, or smothered in a sumptuous sauce, there is something for everyone in the Irish capital. And luckily, food from all these awesome restaurants and other great American joints can be ordered directly to your door with Deliveroo.

1. Supermac's

Supermac's specialises in prime burgers and succulent chicken, and prides itself on using 100% Irish farmed chicken which has never been frozen. The fast food chain has made a name for itself in Ireland by providing a refreshing alternative to some of the global conglomerates in the country. The chicken section on the menu here is extensive, and features things like golden chicken nuggets, southern fried chicken tenders, wholemeal grilled chicken sandwiches, and a chicken snack box which also includes fries. We recommend the chicken wrap, which comes with a choice of garlic, sweet chilli, or salsa.

2. Eddie Rocket's Diner

Eddie Rocket's Diner is all about bringing classic American cuisine to Dublin, and that means large portions of hearty favourites from across the pond. The diner serves up a wide range of dishes including hotdogs and burgers, but the chicken section is where it really excels. Two of the best options are the Cheeezy Chicken burger which comes with a choice of American, cheddar, Swiss, or smoked cheese, and the Chipotle Chicken burger which is smothered in jalapeños, making it insanely spicy.

3. Bobo's

Bobo's is a specialist burger restaurant which takes this hugely popular dish seriously. There are some awesome beef, lamb, fish, and pork offerings here, but right now we're focusing on the chicken. The chicken section of the menu is home to five exquisite options. These are the Plain Chicken burger, the Gentle Buffalo, the Cock-A-Doodle-Do, the Born Happy Chicken, and the Portuguese. The last option is perhaps the standout choice, as it is a piri-piri covered chicken breast with jalapeno red pepper sauce. It certainly packs a mean punch.

4. Rocket's

For people searching for burgers made with the best ingredients that money can buy, Rocket's on Baggot Street is one of the best options around. They aim to search for the highest quality foods on the market, and make all their dishes by hand. While their main focus is on hamburgers and little hamburgers, there are also some succulent chicken dishes, such as the chicken tenders and the Cheezy Chicken burger. For those looking for something slightly healthier, there are some amazing salads on offer as well, including Chicken in a Bowl and the Chicken Tender Caesar Salad.

If you've got a hankering for these incredible chicken dishes, you can order them straight to your door tonight with Deliveroo!

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