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La Reine or The Ivanesevic? The Best Gluten-Free Pizzas to Order in Dublin

La Reine or The Ivanesevic? Make my Dublin pizza a gluten-free one!

If you're eating out or ordering takeaway with a group of friends, not being able to eat foods containing gluten can feel restrictive. Of all the different types of food out there, pizza's not necessarily the first meal you'd think of choosing if you are on a gluten-free diet. And it's fair to say that not every pizzeria has started catering for this particular dietary requirement yet.

However, the number of pizza restaurants that do offer gluten-free bases for customers who want them is on the rise, and that's a trend that will surely just continue. We've found some of the best gluten-free pizzas around in Dublin at the moment.

1. Non-Gluten Classic Vegan Zucca

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A pizza that's both gluten-free and suitable for vegans isn't always to find, so this one had to figure on our list of the best gluten-free pizzas in Dublin. The Classic Vegan Zucca at Zizzi's is not only made with a non-gluten base, but it's then topped with an alternative to mozzarella made from coconut oil. Along with the mozzarella substitute, there are tomatoes, caramelised onions, butternut squash, and spinach.

This is just one of eight gluten-free pizzas at Zizzi's and they also do a gluten-free garlic bread alternative with their non-gluten mini "Little Soul" breads.

2. Chicago Hot N Spicy

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The Chicago Hot N Spicy pizza comes with a gluten-free base and it's laden with flavour-rich toppings. First, you've got cajun chicken, which is complemented with slices of pepperoni. To add a little more heat to there are jalapenos. The fiery flavours are somewhat tempered with the mozzarella and tomato base.

The Chicago Hot N Spicy we recommend is at Pizza Dog, and there are a number of other gluten-free pizzas to choose from there, including the Vegas Sizzler, the Columbian Peri Peri and the classic Napoli.

3. The Goran Ivanesevic

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A pizza named after a tennis star - though let's be honest, it should technically have been named after Novak Djokovic, considering that it's gluten-free, like he is. Anyway, the Goran Ivanesevic is a pizza that won't disappoint. It's got tomato and mozzarella at the base, topped with organic red peppers and wild rocket, red onion, and jalapenos and spicy salami to give it some kick.

There's a sporting theme at the Back Page Pizzeria, with Ivanesevic being just one of 11 of sport's legendary heroes and heroines that the pizzas are named after.

4. Piccolo La Reine

For any kids who are gluten-free, it's not always easy to find them a suitable pizza. With the Piccolo La Reine at Milano restaurant, kids get all the fun of eating pizza while mums and dads can rest assured that the base is gluten-free. La Reine is topped with ham, mushrooms and black olives and comes as part of a set menu which includes the pizza, gluten-free dough balls and a brownie for dessert.

Now you know to find the best gluten-free pizzas in town. Best of all, they're all available to order on Deliveroo.

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