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Dublin’s Gourmet Burgers - Too Much To Handle Without Cutlery!

Dublin’s gourmet burgers - too much to handle without cutlery!

These days you can't just have a burger; it has to be a gourmet burger. Stacked with a range of delicious and sometimes surprising toppings, the gourmet burger invariably arrives looking amazing, but offering a challenge in terms of how to eat it.

With so many different tastes and textures crammed into one burger bun, there's bound to be spillage, and the need for at least some finger licking - or to admit defeat and use cutlery.

Dublin has plenty of choices when it comes to fantastic gourmet burgers; we've put together our recommendations on the best ones to try next time you're ordering in.

1. The Hawaiian at Bobo's

Any burger that features pineapple is going to have massive slip-potential, and you'll struggle to achieve the feat of getting the whole Hawaiian burger from plate to mouth and successfully taking a bite without losing at least some of the fillings along the way!

The Hawaiian is a beef patty, topped with Old Dubliner cheese, grilled pineapple, caramelised onion, beef, tomato (another ingredient that increases the "slide factor"), salad and the special house sauce. It's served at Bobo's with a bamboo skewer holding the whole thing together, so you know you're unlikely to be able to consume this one in a dignified fashion. But you know what? You won't care!

The Hawaiian is one of many gourmet burgers you can find at Bobo's, each of which has its own range of tempting toppings.

2. The Blazing Sombrero at GBK

You'd need to feel really hungry to take on The Blazing Sombrero burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. First, there's the beef burger itself, but instead of being dressed with a little salad, this one has smoked cheddar, mayo, rocket, onion, chorizo relish and even a handful of tortilla chips before the bun lid is placed on top.

It seems highly unlikely that even the most seasoned of burger eaters could eat The Blazing Sombrero without falling back on the assistance of cutlery!

3. The Sloppy Joe at the Chili Shack

Sloppy Joe sandwiches have always been messy. Who could eat a sandwich made with ground beef and onions without spilling a little here and there? The Sloppy Joe burger is exactly what it sounds like - all the mess of a Sloppy Joe sandwich, with a burger and extra toppings such as salad and mayo thrown in.

At The Chili Shack, the Sloppy Joe burger has the same basic build as The Naked burger - a handmade burger on a brioche bun, with tomato, chipotle mayo and chilli relish. On top of that, however, there's a generous serving of chilli con carne, providing the "sloppy joe" element. Get some napkins at the ready before you take on this challenge!

4. The Truffle Mushroom Swiss at Eddie Rocket's

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We tend to think of burgers as being beef burgers, but of course, there are the chicken, veggie and fish burgers to take into consideration too. The Truffle Mushroom Swiss is an awesome chicken burger. At its heart is a marinated breast of chicken that's grilled and smothered with Swiss cheese, truffle-spiked mushrooms, truffle mayo and red onions. It's almost like eating Hunter's Chicken in a bun! Available at Eddie Rocket's, this is just one of their gourmet burgers that you can find on their menu. With all that cheese and those mushrooms, you're going to need a knife and fork at some point!

Before you order your next gourmet burger from Deliveroo, get some cutlery and a few napkins ready - we think you'll need them!

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