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4 Delicious Doner Kebabs to try in Dublin

Desperate for a Doner in Dublin? Try These Kebabs Today

Does it get any better than tucking into a fat, juicy kebab after a big night out? There's an argument for the meaty marvel being the most comforting comfort food of all tim, and Dublin residents can't get enough of them. Doner kebabs vary greatly from place to place, with some restaurants opting to use naan, while others choose flatbread. Whatever the dough, they tend to be packed full of perfectly seasoned and sumptuous slices of meat. Here we list some of the best offerings in Dublin for you to enjoy after your next night time socialising session.

1. Doner Kebab

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At Abrakebabra the name says it all. For 20 years they have specialised in creating some of the best kebabs, burgers and wraps in Ireland and have established themselves as one of Dublin's paramount fast food joints. There are so many exquisite options on the menu here, we guarantee you'll be salivating as you make your selection. For kebab lovers, definitely go for the classic Doner. Choose between a pitta or flatbread stuffed full of sliced roast lamb, ABRA original slaw with chilli and tomato and garlic sauces. You might even want to order an extra pitta to mop up all those delicious juices!

2. Mixed Kebab Plate

For a restaurant with a wide range of Middle Eastern and Lebanese cuisine, check out Café Oasis. They serve up kebabs, tagines and falafels, as well as international fare including burgers, pastas and pizzas. One of the best dishes to tuck into after a heavy night on the town is the mixed kebab plate, which is a doner kebab paired with a chicken fillet kebab. This epic combination is packed into fresh pizza bread (yes, you read that correctly!) and combined with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion. It's then finished with a heavenly garlic and chilli sauce. You may want to share this huge feast with your partner in crime.

3. Donor Kebab Sandwich

The Hub Café specialises in pizzas and Mediterranean fare and all their dishes are halal. The sandwich section is bursting with delights such as the Shish Beef Kofta sandwich, but kebab lovers should look no further than the donor kebab sandwich. It features delicately marinated lamb strips, mixed salad and garlic mayo sauce. This all comes in delightfully soft homemade pitta bread and bursts with flavour with every bite.

4. Kebab – Jan with Salad

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The final option on this list is from Damascus Gate, a trendy and popular restaurant that serves up a wide range of Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. The chargrilled flavours in this kebab make for an attractive alternative to the traditional doner. The lamb skewers are perfectly seasoned and then alternated with fresh aubergine and chickpeas, before being stuffed into a Syrian flatbread. It comes with a choice of salad or rice, and is an absolute treat for the taste buds.

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