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Best Pan Asian Dishes in Ireland

Pan Asian cuisine is a hit in Ireland - Here's where to get a taste

It's common knowledge that Dubliners are pretty keen on Thai food, and there are some excellent eateries in the city that serve up the much-loved Southeast Asian cuisine. But for some people, the dishes may be a bit spicy, or not quite to their taste.

There are plenty of other great cuisines from the region that others may prefer, such as Chinese or Vietnamese. If you're in a group of people where you just can't agree, you could think about ordering from a Pan Asian restaurant. These joints tend to serve up a combination of Asian culinary classics, meaning that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here we point out some of the best dishes, and let you know where you can find them.

1. Crispy Chicken With Honey and Chilli

One of the most popular dishes at Wok On Inn on Amiens Street is the Crispy Chicken with Honey and Chilli, which is a dreamy combination of Asian flavours. This is the kind of meal that epitomises Pan Asian cuisine, as honey and chilli are pretty much staple ingredients across the Asian continent, and are used in slightly different ways in each country. Of course, crispy chicken is an absolute classic, and when it's smothered with these sweet and aromatic, yet slightly spicy notes it is to die for. Find out for yourself why so many people choose to order this sumptuous main.

2. Make Your Own Noodle Box

Noodles are so good, it can often be hard settling on just one dish to eat at a restaurant. At Wok On Inn that problem is solved, though, as customers have the opportunity to create their own noodle dishes out of their favourite ingredients. First, choose whether you want the chefs to fry up some Thai, Japanese, Singaporean, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, or Korean noodles. Then select which meats and vegetables you would like to be included in your meal. Finally, decide on the best sauce to fit the dish, with delicious offerings like hot Korean paste and spicy curry paste available. Alternatively, you could choose one of the set noodle dishes on the menu, all of which are excellent.

3. Grilled Fillet of Salmon Teriyaki Dosirak

How can you make a delicious fillet of salmon even more satisfying? Well, at Brothers Dosirak in Dublin, they smother it with their mouth-wateringly tasty signature teriyaki sauce. This perfect marriage of flavours makes this dish one of the most popular choices on the menu at this exciting Pan Asian restaurant, and it is simply a must-try meal for fans of Asian cuisine. Your order comes with a choice of four side dishes, making this a great option as a sharing platter.

4. Bibimbap Original

Bibimbap is a Korean mixed rice bowl, which comes with a variety of toppings and different combinations of flavours. At Brothers Dosirak, they try to provide customers with the authentic Korean taste, and if you go for the Bibimbap Original you will get just that. This dish is topped with thinly sliced beef and a fried egg, and comes with a choice of Korean chilli sauce, Korean super sauce, or Teriyaki sauce.

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