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  2. 5 Dublin Restaurants to Take Your Taste Buds to India 
5 Dublin Restaurants to Take your Taste Buds to India

5 Dublin Restaurants to Take Your Taste Buds to India 

Nothing can beat a good Indian meal when you are hungry for flavours that will tantalise your taste buds and satisfy your appetite for the exotic - or even the spicy. Dublin has a wide range of Indian restaurants to choose from so it can be hard to decide which one to try next. So, today we've picked out five of our favourites.

1. Sanai Indian Restaurant

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Serving Dublin curry for almost 20 years, the Sanai Indian Restaurant excels in delivering authentic and traditional Indian food. They take great pride in their food and their service which is why they are still serving curry today.

They are renowned for their chefs and their signature dishes. Choose from their curries like Morgi Makhanwala with its blend of chicken, lamb and thick delicately spiced yoghurt sauce, or select an Indian classic like a Biryani, this rice dish is full of flavour that never disappoints.

2. Madina Desi Curry Co

Madina Desi Curry Co brings award-winning Pakistani, South and North Indian homemade style cooking to Dublin city centre. The restaurant features three open kitchens, the BBQ kitchen, curry kitchen and pure vegetable kitchen.

The chef here specialise in traditional (Desi) cooking inspired by their mothers' recipes. One of the most famous dishes is the Masala Dosa, these deliciously filled rice and lentil crepes are served with a variety of fillings. Or sample a dish from the BBQ menu like a classic Shish Kebab. However, in our opinion nothing can beat a Desi curry like a Karahi, full of flavour and mouth-watering spices.

3. Kathmandu Kitchen

Kathmandu Kitchen may be situated in the heart of Dublin but its influences are derived from Kathmandu, which gives this menu a Nepalese twist - although they still cater for the classic Indian dish lovers. This authentic ethnic taste is created with Himalayan fresh herbs, spices and ingredients.

Their dishes take diners on a journey around south Asia and Nepal with dishes representing some of the best regional dishes. Why not experience some of the Nepali dishes like the Sherpa speciality Himalayan Curry, a traditional Ledobedo Nepali curry, or a spicy Gorkhali dish?

4. Three Monks Asian Food To Go

This restaurant's uniquely blended influences from India, Nepal, Japan and Thailand bring a truly exotic taste to the food served here. This unique blend has already seen them listed as one of our favourites in the 5 tastes of the East in Dublin.

The menu explores the tastes and flavours of the Asian continent with key dishes. Experience Kathmandu street food like Bhaktapur Sekuwa, classic Nepali lamb skewers that are full of spice with a zesty zing. Or there are classic Indian dishes such as Red Hot Vindaloo which blend hot and aromatic spices that will leave any mouth-watering.  

5. Diwali​

Diwali means the festival of light and this is what this restaurant offers, as the food here is a festival of colours, flavours and tastes. They combine fresh and exotic ingredients with Irish produce to create a range of gourmet dishes.

Sample a Tandoori speciality like Hansko Masu Sizzler, a delicately spiced duck dish. Wrap your taste buds around a Diwali Chilly Garlic Masala or Takatak, a coastal Indian dish flavoured with white rum. Or maybe you would prefer a bit more heat with a spicy Aduwa Masu prawn curry?

There you have it: Five authentic Indian choices for when you are craving an Indian feast (or just a quick snack) in Dublin.

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