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The Search for the Ultimate Thai Green Curry

The search for the ultimate Thai Green Curry

There is something wonderful about a Thai Green Curry that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. This deliciously creamy and extremely tasty dish is one of the most renowned Thai dishes favoured by the Irish.

Understanding the grades of heat from Thai curries is not always straightforward - but as a rule, the mildest is yellow, followed by red and then the hottest being the green. The warming comfort of a creamy Thai curry makes even the hottest green curry popular.

Making a Thai Green Curry is not as simple as it seems as it is not just about the quality of the ingredients, but the timing and order in which they are added to the dish. Many Thai Green Curry dishes are created using premade green curry paste rather than blending the paste fresh. The key ingredients for a Thai Green Curry include green chillies, garlic, lemongrass, kafir lime leaves, coriander, cumin seeds, sweet basil, fish sauce and coconut milk.

The flavours of the Thai Green Curry work well with a variety of meats, fish and vegetables making it a very versatile dish. So which variety will you select to make it your ultimate Thai Green Curry? Classically it is served with chicken, prawn, beef or duck. To further the taste of this dish a variety of vegetables are added which vary by chef but can include peppers, courgettes, aubergines and bamboo shoots.

In Dublin, we are lucky to have several Thai restaurants that offer great Thai cuisine and where you can search for your ultimate Thai Green Curry.

1. Red Torch Ginger

This contemporary restaurant serves Asian cuisine in the heart of Dublin. It captures the essence of Thailand with traditional Thai dishes, but the chefs here also create original dishes by giving the classics a twist.

Red Torch Ginger's Thai Green Curry is served with chicken, beef, prawn, duck or tofu. This rich and spicy dish is served with peppers, courgettes, soybeans, bamboo shoots and fresh basil.

2. Thai Orchid

Situated in the Temple Bar, this Thai restaurant pioneered Thai food in Ireland, opening its doors almost 20 years ago. Its dedication to high-quality food and service has created a loyal following and has stood the test of time.

Thai Orchid's Thai Green Curry is one of its classic favourites amongst its patrons due to its exquisite taste. Offered with chicken, beef, prawn, duck or tofu and combined with a wealth of veggies and sweet basil, the dish is packed full of flavour.

3. Thai Yummy

Serving up traditional Thai cuisine in the heart of Stoneybatter, Thai Yummy specialises in Thai and Malaysian dishes. Their Thai Green Curry is served with beef, duck, prawn, chicken, shrimp or vegetables. It is blended to be extra hot using Siamese spices, galangal with onions in a classic coconut milk sauce.

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