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Vegan isn’t all About Vegetables – Try These Sumptuous Sushi Dishes Today

Vegan isn’t just about vegetables – Try these sumptuous sushi dishes today

When you think of sushi, the first thing that springs to mind is probably raw fish, which is well-known to be a key ingredient of the Japanese bite-sized bits of heaven. What you might not know, though, is that vegans are well-catered for in the world of Japanese cuisine, and there are some excellent options for those who choose to steer clear of meat products. Ireland has a great up and coming sushi scene, and there are numerous hotspots serving up dishes to suit all tastes. For vegans and those fancying something a little healthier, why not try these options next time you're ordering a takeaway?

1. Inari/Fried Tofu

Inari sushi looks slightly different to the traditional rolled rice snacks, but it is a delicious slant on the normal way of eating the Japanese delicacy. For this variety at Fujiyama, the rice is wrapped around deep-fried tofu pockets. Tofu is the ideal food item for vegans, as it can soak up flavours and be used in a more versatile way than most meats. This dish in particular wouldn't work with anything else. This sushi is a great option for vegans, but it is also enjoyed by meat lovers who fancy a change.

2. Sushi Nigiri Asparagus

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Sushi Nigiri are rice balls that come with various different fillings depending on the restaurant. At Eatokyo, there are a number of tantalising options on their specialist vegan menu, which has something for everyone. One of the freshest and healthiest options is the Sushi Nigiri Asparagus, but some other prime choices include the Sushi Roll Vegetarian Futomaki and the Sushi Avocado Roll. There are also some great dishes for vegans that aren't sushi-based, such as the Yasai Chahan and the Tofu Steak.

3. Hosomaki Avocado

In Japanese, hosomaki means "thin rolls", which is an accurate way to describe this variation of sushi. The rolls are traditionally about one inch across, so these are some of the most manageable bite-sized forms of the Asian delicacy going. At Kuraudo, there is an extensive hosomaki section which features spicy salmon and spicy tuna rolls, but the best options are arguably those geared towards vegans. We have selected the Hosomaki Avocado for this list because it is such a unique and delicious way to make good use of this rich and flavoursome fruit. A good selection for a meal could be to have these accompanied by some fresh cucumber rolls.

4. Vegetarian Temaki

If you fancy some high-class, refined Japanese cuisine, check out the menu at Wasabi Restaurant and Sushi Bar on Dorset Street. While they have great options to suit everybody's taste, there are also some fantastic offerings geared specifically to vegans. The Vegetarian Temaki is an exquisite delight, and features shimeji, cucumber, mango, scallion onion and sesame. This one is simply a must-try for everyone, not just vegans!  

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