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  2. The Eddie Rockets Dishes That Are Out Of This World
The Eddie Rockets Dishes That Are Out Of This World

The Eddie Rockets Dishes That Are Out Of This World

Think guys in black leather jackets, girls in gingham dresses, zinc-countered classic American diners of the '50s and '60s and rock 'n' roll playing on the jukebox. That's the image that Eddie Rockets has captured so perfectly and it's recreated on the menu, too. So, from breakfast and starters to dessert, here are our top ten of Eddie's biggest hits and some of the most authentic American food in Dublin.

1. Bacon and Maple Short Stack

Start the day the American way with this fantastic stack of authentic US-style pancakes, smothered in maple syrup and topped with crispy bacon. Proof, if you ever needed it, that sweet and savoury do mix, plus a great addition to the best breakfasts Dublin has to offer.

2. Itzy Nachos

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Made for sharing and the perfect way to get any meal off to a flying start, Eddie's special Itzy corn chip nachos come topped with a rich cheese sauce, fresh salsa, jalapeno chillies and simply delicious guacamole.

3. Chicken Tenders

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When Elvis was singing "Love Me Tender", he may well have been referring to these little beauties. They give a real taste of the southern states and are lightly seasoned with a special recipe and come complete with garlic mayo and a punchy cajun sauce.

4. Bacon, Egg and Clonakilty Supreme

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There are burgers and there are mega burgers and this is definitely in the second category. There's a beef patty, bacon, cheese, tomato, a fried egg and your choice of has brown or Clonakilty black or white pudding. That's what we call fusion cooking!

5. Bacon and Cheese Red Basket

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Eddie's famous for his Red Basket meals and this is one of the newest additions to the family. Along with your bacon and cheese, you also get some Red Basket fries as well as your choice of regular soda, all for one great value price.

6. The Club Sandwich

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If you're looking for a lighter bite then join The Club. But with chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo, plus a side of coleslaw, even a lighter bite isn't really that light when Eddie's in the kitchen.

7. Bacon Avocado Chicken

Great if you want a different kind of burger, the Bacon Avocado Chicken includes exactly what it says, with the addition of tomato, lettuce, mayo and ranch dressing, all served in a wholewheat seeded bun.

8. Cheese Dog

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We couldn't overlook the Yankee Dogs section of the menu when we were coming up with this list so we've gone for the pure and simple with a pork dog, smothered in cheese sauce and topped off with crunchy chopped onions.

9. Retro Floats

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These would float anyone's boat. It's your choice of soda with a big scoop of your favourite ice cream on top. Quick, enjoy it all before it melts!

10. Vanilla milkshake

Only the very best quality ice cream, made especially for Eddie Rockets, goes into the milkshakes. If vanilla's not quite exciting enough for you why not go for chocolate, strawberry or banana instead?

You've read our top ten. Now it's your turn to try your Eddie Rockets favourites, brought to you by Deliveroo.

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