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  2. Four Funky Ice Cream Combos to Cool Your Cravings  
4 Dublin ice cream combos - Watch out for brain freeze!

Four Funky Ice Cream Combos to Cool Your Cravings  

Watch out for brain freeze! Ice cream is one of the best-loved desserts in all of Ireland and we're here with a list of some our favourite chilly combos. Whether you like it in a cup, in a cone or melting on a warm slab of chocolate fudge brownie, you can't deny the allure of a scoop or two in the sun. The fact is, we love pudding here at Deliveroo, and we want to share the love with all you hungry sweet teeth out there. So let's get to it!

1. Vanilla Fruit

Vanilla and chocolate, vanilla and mint, vanilla and anything! The most basic of ice cream flavours, this glacé bean is a versatile little guy without a doubt. Personally, we like it with a scoop of fruit infusion alongside - be it bright mango, sweet strawberry or sour lemon, the pastel fresh flavours of Mother Nature seem the perfect accompaniment to cool vanilla. And it just so happens that Eco Douglas agrees with us! The Pineapple Costa Rica dessert studs indulgent vanilla ice cream with a citrus punch and a healthy load of summer berries. Colourful, zingy and oh so yum. That's what ice cream's all about.

2. Coconut and Pistachio

Bring on the nuts! Be they whole, crushed or in the cream itself, they're absolutely scrumptious with dessert. And there's so many ways to enjoy their flavour! Scoop Dublin do a mouth-watering Kinder Bueno Sundae, for example. Three spoons of their indulgent Italian gelato sidle up against Oreos, Nutella sauce and fresh cream in a hazelnut meltdown like no other - so yum. And if that's not quite your ice cream thing, why, mix and match your own! A Make Your Own Sundae is just as tasty with even more freedom of flavour. How about Coconut and Pistachio? A real match made in heaven. Double up, chow down and please your tum. You won't regret it.

3. Apple and Caramel

Take top-quality ice cream, stick it in a blender and throw in strudel spice for good measure. Nice! Apple and Caramel might not be the most well-known of ice cream combos, but it's certainly a tasty one. Ice cream doesn't always have to come scooped in a perfectly shaped ball, oh no. At Gourmet Burger Kitchen they use the stuff in their very own homemade milkshakes and the Apple Strudel is especially delicious. Sea salted caramel ice cream, apple juice and a dash of cinnamon blend together in a symphony of sweet – one you certainly won't forget any time soon. Try one sip and you'll be hooked forever!

4. Raspberry Meringue         

Another combo, another sundae. Meringue and ice cream are a match made in heaven: one crunchy and sweet, one smooth and cool. The juxtaposition of texture and flavour goes great in a tall glass especially, broken up by a spoon for your all your taste bud pleasure. At Rolys they serve a Raspberry Meringue Sundae - indulgent to the max, it's the perfect sharing dessert. Eat your heart out, baked Alaska.

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