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Turkey Burgers And More to Spice Up Your Takeaway in Cork

Looking For A Healthier Takeaway In Cork? Let’s Talk Turkey And Chicken Burgers

Sure, a big juicy beef burger with all the trimmings is a tasty treat – but it can't exactly be described as being good for you. Especially if it also comes with a big order of fries and maybe even onion rings. But the healthy alternative doesn't need to be something from the salads section of one of Cork's many American takeaways. That's because a lean treat that has just started to appear on menus is the turkey burger.

Admittedly, it's what could be described as an emerging trend at the moment but, even if you can't find one to gobble up right now, there are always plenty of chicken burgers from places that are well worth crossing the road for.

So here's a selection of just some of the succulent treats that certainly won't have you asking "where's the beef?" – and one which will certainly prove that turkey's not just for Christmas.

1. Super Lean BBQ Turkey Burger - Amicus

The family-run Amicus leads the way in the turkey burger revolution with this healthy treat from their gourmet burger menu. As the name suggests, it's super-lean so you can feel super-virtuous as you sink your teeth into it - plus it comes with bacon and cheese toppings too. With home-made slaw and skin-on chips, this offering is the real deal.

2. Dirty Chicken Burger - Son Of A Bun

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Over at Son of a Bun they may not have turkey burgers on the menu but they more than make up for it with their Dirty Chicken Burger. They take a crispy chicken breast and smother it liberally with a spicy and tangy combination of both hot and blue cheese sauces. Then some extra crunch is added thanks to crisp iceberg lettuce. Plus, if the bun's not so important to you, they also serve it in salad form.

3. BBQ Breast of Chicken Sandwich - Bad Boys BBQ

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It may be from the Bad Boys BBQ, but their Breast of Chicken Sandwich will certainly do you some good. A prime, succulent breast is served with lettuce, red onion, tomato, cheese and spicy chipotle sauce and, to up the healthy element even more, you can ditch the chips in favour of steamed veg or rice.

4. Sweet Chilli Chicken - Gourmet Burger Bistro

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The Sweet Chilli Chicken from Gourmet Burger Bistro is made all the sweeter by being served in a traditional Waterford blaa whose doughy softness perfectly complements the chargrilled breast that's topped with grilled peppers, Dubliner cheese and lightly spicy chilli mayo.

5. Artisan Chicken Sandwich - Uncle Pete's

Uncle Pete's have pulled out all the stops when it comes to their Artisan Chicken Sandwich. For a start, it's served in a ciabatta roll and the whole Irish chicken breast is covered in panko breadcrumbs and served with Cajun mayo and rocket. As they say themselves, it's "simple but sensational!"

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