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The Very Best of Asian Vegetarian Restaurants in Cork

If You’re After A Cracking Asian Vegetarian Restaurant, Cork Is The Place To Be

There was a time when looking for veggie options on a menu was a thankless task with most relying on dishes like mushroom risotto and nut roast to cater for their non-meat eating customers. But the world's moved on and most places have a cracking selection of dishes to choose from, whether they're Indian curries or Asian noodle dishes. If you've gone one step further and cut out all meat products, there's even a growing trend for vegan takeaways too. So when it comes to a whole new kind of vegetarian restaurant, Cork is certainly the place to be – especially if you want to enjoy any of these five fantastic dishes.

1. Flame Asian Street Food - Flame Fire Cracker

Proof, if any was needed, from Flame Asian Street Food that veggie food doesn't have to be bland. Of course, the clue's in the name so you'll be well-prepared for the taste explosion when it arrives. Freshly cooked in the wok, they pair homemade chilli paste with a whole medley of veg including peppers, pak choi, courgettes, spring onions and green beans to create what can only be described as a true taste sensation.

2. Kerau Paneer - Thali

If you've never tried paneer before then it's time to prepare yourself for a real treat. It's an South Asian cheese similar in texture to tofu and is a staple in the country's cuisine. What it does best is absorb the flavours around it, as shown by this fantastic dish brought to you by Thali. Green peas and the special curry sauce made to their own special recipe make for a rich and delicious result.

3. Malaysian Noodles - Malay Kitchen

There's a very distinctive flavour to the Malaysian Noodles prepared so expertly by the Malay Kitchen. It comes from the spicy yet sweet sauce that coats the yellow noodles and from the accompanying eggs, potato, tomato and mixed veg that create a comforting bowlful, rich with the flavours of traditional Malaysian street food.

4. Vegetable Jal Frezi - Bombay Palace

If you like it spicy and the Flame Fire Cracker wasn't hot enough, then the vegetable Jal Frezi from Bombay Palace is definitely the one for you. They've really cranked up the chilli content and added it to fresh spices, tomatoes, onions and sweet peppers plus all sorts of other veg as well. The addition of lemon juice also adds a hint of sharpness that really brings out the other flavours.

5. Palestinian Falafel - Umi Falafel

If you fancy more of a middle-eastern veggie treat then the Palestinian Falafel from Umi Falafel could fit the bill perfectly. They take a special Palestinian flatbread and stuff it full of all things great like hummus, fried aubergine, tomato, cucumber pickles and tahini – the sesame seed paste that plays a key role in so much middle-eastern cooking. It all adds up to one of the tastiest combos you'll ever have the pleasure of eating.

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