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The Coconut Water Lover’s Guide -  5 of Dublin’s Best Tropical Dishes

If You Go Nuts For Coconut Water You’ll Love These Suggestions

Sometimes a food craze comes along that takes everyone by surprise and the sudden popularity of coconut water is just such a craze. Before it swept across Ireland, coconuts were either things we tried to win at the fair or ingredients used in Indian restaurants. Now, though, they really have started to take centre stage. So what's behind this new-found popularity?

Well as it turns out coconuts don't just taste great, adding a natural sweetness to drinks and dishes, they're incredibly good for you too. They're packed with various nutrients and antioxidants; some health experts claim that they can even help to reduce blood pressure. Coconut water, in particular, is a tasty way to rehydrate that's relatively low in calories and carbs. So we can expect to see this new super food cropping up everywhere, from gourmet burgers to ever-more inventive drinks. Until then, here are five great ways to get your coconut fix.

1.Jerk Chicken - Staple Foods

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How, you might ask, do Staple Foods manage to incorporate coconut into the Caribbean classic, Jerk Chicken? Simple. They use it as part of the slaw that comes with the dish, partnering it with carrots and some carefully selected salad leaves. This creates an accompaniment to the main feat that's crunchy and cooling – the perfect balance to a really quite spicy dish!

2. New School Warm Organic Porridge Oats - Vandal

What better time to get your daily hit of pure coconut than first thing? Vandal are living up to their name, trashing tradition with their "New School" breakfast. No more boring porridge and boy are you going to love it: these oats have both coconut butter and coconut shavings, accompanied by a wealth of other wholesome features like almonds, seeds and compote to give your morning a little tang. Trust us, nothing will get you an early morning boost like this Warm and Organic bowl of goodness.

3. Kolhapuri Chicken - Tadka House

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Of all of Tadka House's signature dishes it's the Kolhapuri Chicken that is really outstanding. Its subtle flavouring means that the taste of coconut really comes through, perfectly balanced with a careful combination of spices and poppy seeds. The result is a truly delicate curry that's sure to become a favourite – so get online and experience this one for yourself.

4. The Ragamuffin - Green Beards

Smoothies are the natural partners of coconut water and here's a fantastic example from those health food fanatics at Green Beards. The Ragamuffin is an energy-packed blend of sweet strawberries, potassium-rich banana, invigorating coconut water, sharp apple and fiery ginger. It's even got the very special ingredient of bee pollen to keep you buzzing all day long. So if there's a busy day ahead, this is definitely the one for you.

5. Malai Prawn Curry - Ravi's Kitchen

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It's not coconut water but coconut milk that takes a starring role in the Malai Prawn Curry from Ravi's Kitchen. It's a classic southern Indian dish that is also rich in spices like crushed cumin and mustard seeds with an extra garnish of curry leaves. Not forgetting the fresh chillies for spice. Ravi's coconut offering really hits the spot here, so if you're looking for a creamy, tropical fix then this is the dish for you.

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