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Champagne, Chocolates, Roses – 5 Wonderful Valentine’s Ideas

Champagne, Romance and Love - The Perfect End To The Perfect Evening

The meal's been savoured, the sweet nothings have been whispered. But the night is still young and there are further delights in store for you both, whether it's seeking out the sweetest of desserts Dublin has to offer or simply looking for that one final glass of champagne to snuggle up on the couch with.

To make sure that you're not too tongue-tied about suggesting where to go or short of inspiration on the big night we've been looking around for some of the most romantic treats to enjoy in the city, so you can carry on the evening and ensure it has a memorable conclusion. You're both going to love them.

1. Gossett Excellence Champagne Brut - Cavern Wine Bar

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If you both want a little more champagne, then the Cavern Wine Bar is certain to have plenty still on ice. And, for this very special night, why not push the boat out with this superb bubbly that's made by the oldest champagne house in France? Established in 1584, their champagne is creamy yet dry, with a full-bodied flavour and without the acidic aftertaste of a less sophisticated blend. Trust us, it tastes amazing.

2. Ferrero Rocher Cheese Cake - Café Bliss

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Perhaps cake is more what is called for. In which case this type, featuring the chocolate treat that has been a favourite at ambassadors' cocktail parties for aeons, would be perfect. It's from Café Bliss and that's exactly the state that it's certain to induce when you taste the exquisite white chocolate cheesecake topped with hazelnut praline and chocolate ganache. The finishing touch is a whole Ferrero Rocher chocolate on the top. A divine date dessert.

3. Salted Caramel Doughnut - Revolution Bakery

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You may not think a doughnut would be the most appropriate way to round off an evening of romance, but if you've ever tasted one from the Revolution Bakery you'd certainly say otherwise. Hand-crafted from 100% natural ingredients and featuring slowly-fermented dough, these really are the ultimate in doughnuts. And what could be more on-trend right now than the salted caramel variety?

4. Metalman Ironmonger Ale - Herbstreet

Champagne not really your thing? That's not the only way to stay sophisticated and it might be that a craft ale is just what's needed to bring the evening to a perfect conclusion. In which case , check out Herbstreet where they'll be happy to serve you with this fine IPA all the way from Waterford. With a malty body and a citrus finish, at 6.5% ABV it's also a pretty powerful brew.

5. Qatayef - Jerusalem

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February 14th may be the day after Pancake Day but you won't be too late to enjoy this amazing dessert from Jerusalem. It consists of crepes stuffed with nuts, coconut and cinnamon and liberally drizzled with rose syrup to create a truly delicious and very different way to give roses to your loved one on Valentine's Day.

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