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  2. Forget The Drive Thru - Order In From Dublin’s Fast Food Restaurants
Forget drive-through – order in from Dublin’s fast food restaurants

Forget The Drive Thru - Order In From Dublin’s Fast Food Restaurants

Burgers. They're the ultimate drive-through or "run in and pick-up" fast food. It's no wonder the humble burger has been the dish of choice when it comes to fast food for decades now. And with the huge variety of different gourmet burgers available these days, they're not just a quick and easy option for refuelling – they can be works of art in a bun!

Sometimes, though, you just don't want the hassle of going out to get food, so here we have our top picks from the best burger restaurants in Dublin that can be delivered to your door. It's drive-through decadence without the need for a car! All you need to do is decide which kind of burger you're after – and with so many great choices, the decision is the part of the process that might not be so fast!

1. Farmer Browns

Named after the famous tractor brand, the John Deere burger at Farmer Browns has a double stack of burgers, along with blue cheese and a battered onion ring. Finished with salad, relish and aioli, this is a burger you can really sink your teeth into! With a side of fries, this is a great option for a filling and tasty meal on the sofa!

2. Camden Rotisserie

Another burger for those days when you have a really hearty appetite on you: the Dirty Burger from Camden Rotisserie. Reading what goes into it, you might be tempted to order this one for an all-day breakfast as much as for a lunch or dinner option. Alongside the 7oz burger, there's also bacon, egg and cheese. It's a comfort food meal served up in a bun!

3. BYO @ Gourmet Spar

Want your burger cooked and topped just the way you like it? That's what BYO @ Gourmet Spar aims to provide. Every burger is customisable, to suit each diner's personal preferences. There are four buns, six sauces and plenty of different toppings to choose from to make your burger as individual as you are. The Bacon Burger provides the perfect base for your favourite sauce and three toppings.

4. Rocket's

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Who says a burger has to be beef? At Rocket's, there's an amazing selection of freshly prepared beef burgers, but there are also some fab chicken options too. Our favourite is the Cheezy Chicken Burger. Not only is the freshly cooked chicken burger topped with melted cheddar, there's also a secret house sauce included along with salad in the bun. The combination makes it one of the most popular items on Rocket's menu.

5. Ugly Duckling @ The Hill

If you're a fan of burgers, but don't want meat on your plate, then go for The Veggie Burger at Ugly Duckling @ The Hill. Made from quinoa and kale and topped with goat's cheese and slow roasted tomatoes, this is a burger that's packed full of flavour. On the side is a portion of chips. Who needs meat in their burger when it can taste this good without?

You don't even need to get up until the doorbell rings – just sit back, relax and order your favourite burger with Deliveroo!

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