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  2. Forget the mash, go for dumplings in Dublin!
Forget the Mash, Go for Dumplings in Dublin!

Forget the mash, go for dumplings in Dublin!

Dumplings have been around since the dawn of man (ok, maybe not that long, but who knows?) as a mesmerising dish consisting of doughy casings stuffed with beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables and even tasty treats and sweets. Internationally loved with different versions wherever you are, dumplings are the best starter to any meal.

Perhaps the most notoriously sought-after dumplings are Asian dim sum variations. Everything from full-on main course dishes to steamed bite-size starters makes these morsels accessible at most Asian restaurants. Rice paper, wonton, or even potato-infused dumplings come cooked in countless ways and served with one of many delectable sauces. Since we know you're just as addicted to dim sum as we are, we compiled a list of some of the must-try Asian dumplings served right in Dublin!

1. Dim Sum Special, Orchid

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Orchid has been serving locals since 1986, and has a special place in Dublin's heart. Offering authentic tastes of China with unique and exquisitely cooked dishes, starters and soups, everything is wonderfully prepared to satisfy each customer. The Dim Sum Special platter is a massive course for two to share (or one if you really love dumplings) with pork, prawn and savoury crispy chicken, all perfectly steamed before being pan-fried to add that extra crunch. This is the perfect starter to fill your rumbling tummy, and you might even find yourself full after sampling each of these!

2. Ebi Gyoza from Eatokyo

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A small sushi kitchen in Temple Bar, Eatokyo has every customer in a craze for their authentic take on Japanese dishes. Don't let the size fool you! Pretty much everything is fantastic at Eatokyo, especially their famously enchanting dumplings. The Ebi Gyoza, a dish selling out like hotcakes, is a homemade course made with prawn that is grilled before being served with an appropriately-named Gyoza Sauce. This one is an absolute must-try! If you're feeling adventurous, couple the Ebi Gyoza with the lovely Katsu dumplings. Accompanied by a special tonkatsu sauce, this pair will have you floating above the clouds!

3. Spicy Ebi Katsu from Wagamama

This popular chain knows how to do dumplings right! Wagamama's lively menu is chock-full of fresh, healthy and carefully crafted Japanese dishes suitable for each hungry customer that places an order. Their delicious dim sum leaves your taste buds with a fond memory reminiscent of Asian street food every time. If you can't get enough of dumplings but don't want to sacrifice your usual order of Katsu curry, we recommend the Spicy Ebi Katsu! It adds a tingling rush to every bite: crispy prawns with bread crumbs and a zesty spicy sauce with a dash of garlic are absolutely drool-worthy!

Fresh salads, main courses, desserts and of course, dumplings, all prepared and cooked with the quality ingredients and ready on demand.

4. Pork and Chives Dumplings from Hilan Korean

Hilan Korean and Chinese Restaurant presents a very large selection of authentic and tasty Asian dishes. This mix of two nations known for some of the tastiest food in the world brings together wonderful, hypnotic flavours to each dish The pork and chives dumplings are fun, familiar flavours that make the ultimate starter, or can double as a side to your main dish!

With dumplings flooding Dublin, make sure to try these special ones tonight with Deliveroo!

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