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Vegan Food for Valentine’s Day – 4 Tasty Meat-Free Choices

Vegan Food Dishes To Make Even Meat-Eaters Desirous On Valentine’s Day​

Vegan food is becoming increasingly popular and fashionable, and many former carnivores have now converted to the healthy cause. Whether you're full-time vegan or not, there's an argument for going meat-free at least once or twice a week. Eating vegan doesn't have to be boring and there are, in fact, some highly innovative vegetable-only dishes available in Ireland. Some of these would make excellent options for a Valentine's Day meal for people who really want to impress their loved ones. Let us take you through a few standout dishes to get the juices flowing on that special day.

1. Chana Masala

Indian food is hugely popular all over Ireland and there are a number of restaurants vying to be the best. Those leading the way have now opened up to the vegan market and have created some tantalising options for this swelling sector of clientele. The good thing about most curries is that they have a vegetable base and there really isn't any need for meat. At Jewel in the Crown on William Street, one of the most popular menu items is the Chana Masala, which is completely meat-free. It's a healthy curry packed full of chickpeas, spinach and tomatoes. This one's sure to have you and your Valentine feeling healthy, wholesome and super satisfied.

2. Vegan Burger Patties with Salad of the Day

Blazing Salads serves up a wide range of healthy dishes geared towards carnivores and vegans alike. The aim of this exciting restaurant is to use only the freshest organic ingredients. One of the best options for a romantic meal for two from here is the platter of Vegan Burger Patties served with the Salad of the Day. This selection of vegan burgers made from brown rice, chilli, red onions and coriander is a great way for those living a meat-free lifestyle to enjoy one of the most popular types of American cuisine.

3. Moroccan Quinoa Salad

Middle-Eastern cuisine features a large number of vegan dishes and some of the most famous menu items, like falafels, are completely meat-free. For that reason, Umi Falafel is one of the best places to find some fantastic, healthy, vegan meals. One light and heavenly selection to choose is the Moroccan Quinoa Salad, which features red kidney beans, sweetcorn, olives and a number of other wholesome ingredients. This would be perfect for sharing with your loved-one and could be accompanied by the mouth-watering falafel bites.

4. Gaeng Kheow Wan Green

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Another country home to some truly romantic offerings is Thailand. Thai food is often light and spicy and can leave you feeling in a particularly perky mood afterwards, making it ideal for a date. At Sanuk Thai, the green curry on offer is geared around the vegan diet and features fine beans, courgette, onion and chilli. This medium spicy dish is one of the most popular items on the menu here.

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