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Four Fab Feta Dishes in Dublin

Best For Breakfast Or As A Dip? Four Fab Ways To Eat Feta In Dublin

Ask anyone you know to name an iconic Greek ingredient and the likelihood is that feta will be one of the most popular answers. It's a brined cheese that is made with sheep's milk, goat's milk or a mix of the two. Depending on which region it's made in, the firmness and texture of it vary, as does the intensity of the flavour.

Its uses in Greek cooking and other cuisines are multiple. For instance, it might appear on a cheese board, or be served wrapped in filo pastry and covered in honey. It's also used in making dishes such as spanakopita, pies or pizzas. However, it's probably fair to say that most of us only really think of having feta on a salad. We're here today to change that, so let's take a look at some of the different ways that Dublin's restaurants have been serving feta up.

1. Feta for breakfast

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Feta's perhaps not the first thing you'd think of having for breakfast, but then again why not? At Eathos, they've got a breakfast dish that might well convert the unconvinced to eat feta first thing. The Avocado Smash is served on toasted sourdough bread, with Toonsbridge feta, chilli and lime crushed peanuts. On top of the smashed avocado, you have 63 degree eggs - cooked in their shell for an hour at a constant 63 degrees centigrade. The resulting blend of fresh avocado, perfectly poached egg and the flavours of feta, peanuts and lime make for a zingy start to the day!

2. Feta in a classic style salad

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The Middle Eastern Chicken salad at Cocu comes with grilled chicken, roasted red pepper, avocado and feta with a sumac dressing. Sumac is a Middle Eastern spice that's ground from bright red berries and gives a tangy flavour and bright colour to any dish. A salad dressing made with sumac is usually mixed with lemon juice and olive oil. The feta adds a tang of its own to the dish, which complements with the warmth of the roasted red peppers.

3. Feta as a dip

The main focus of the menu at CrackBird is chicken - cooked to a crispy golden perfection. Feta is used by the chefs here in a slightly different way than you might expect. It's not crumbled over salads, but whipped together with burnt lemons to create a delicious dipping sauce for the chicken. Next time you're ordering chicken from CrackBird, don't miss out on a side order of Whipped Feta!

4. Feta in fritters

Feta pops up a number of times on the Eat Greek menu, which shouldn't be a big surprise as it's a traditionally Greek ingredient. Have feta with your chips or in Htipiti, a dip that's made with feta, ginger and Boukovo chilli. Our pick, though, is the Athens Vegetarian Pita wrap. The pita bread is loaded with delicious, melt-in-the-mouth zucchini and feta fritters along with tomato, onion, tzatziki and paprika. It also comes with chips. They also serve these fritters as a starter, for those who aren't looking for a sandwich but a cleaner feta-zucchini bite.

So there we have it – four different ways you can enjoy feta, and all of these great dishes can be brought straight to your door by Deliveroo. What are you waiting for? Get your feta fix right now!

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