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English vs. French - A breakfast showdown in Ireland

English and French breakfasts battle for Ireland’s heart

Breakfast hasn't earned itself the title of the most important meal of the day for nothing, so whether you're a fan of the fry up or a lover of all things flaky and buttery, it's time to figure out which is the best in town! Kick-start your morning with the best recipes English and French cuisines have to offer and decide for yourself which will come out the winner. We take a look at the two leading breakfast fares to find out which will be the reigning champion once and for all.

English Breakfast

Now who doesn't love a good 'ol Full English Breakfast? Traditionally consisting of eggs, beans, sausage, mushrooms, black pudding, tomatoes, and hash browns at its core, a Full English is the epitome of a heavy, utterly satisfying breakfast meal. If you fancy yourself a traditional breakfast with all the fixings, Ireland has loads of restaurants that will make the argument for a tasty, hearty fry up over a French omelette or croissant any day.

Take a look at The Woollen Mills' Ha'penny Fry Up for example. This scrumptious, filling meal features aromatic black pudding, Pigs on the Green sausages, crispy bacon, grilled tomato, and a glorious fried egg all enjoyed alongside their freshly toasted bread. If you're ready to dig into a mouth-watering skillet-fried breakfast for champions, order up a storm and prepare to truly indulge in this iconic meal right at home.

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If your sweet tooth has you craving something wholesome, warm, and packed with everything you need to fuel the day ahead, check out Sprout & Co's twist on an old-fashioned bowl of porridge to get you through those rainy days. Snuggle up in front of the telly and enjoy any of their hearty fibre packed porridge selections for the ultimate sweet start to your day. Their creamy Coconut Milk Chia Seed Porridge may just be the best you'll find in town. This meal not only provides the ultimate nutrition boost, but also keeps you full, warm and satisfied for the long day ahead.

French Breakfast

Now, if you're in the mood for a light, well-balanced breakfast featuring delicate flavours, French is the way to go. French breakfast options vary significantly depending on what kind of morning you're looking to have. On the go and need something quick? Grab a croissant stuffed with ham and cheese. Looking forward to a comfy day at home and feel like indulging? Go for a crepe chock-full of berry compote and topped off with whipped cream. I don't know about you but any breakfast that includes whipped cream is a definite winner in my book! When it comes to the perfect way to start any day of the week, you can enjoy delicious freshly-baked croissants, savoury or sweet crepes, and a whole lot more right here in Ireland.

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There's nothing quite like starting off with a savoury Filled Croissant, even if an English breakfast is your go-to favourite. The ultimate balanced breakfast, when it comes to the French croissant there's something suited for everyone in the family. Le Petit Breton is the gem of Dublin's French cuisine scene, but the breakfast portion of their menu is what will absolutely take your breath away. Order up one of their Filled Croissants for a quick, easy, and absolutely delicious breakfast on-the-go. The ultimate French classic morning treat, this fluffy, buttery delight is delicately stuffed with a rich filling including ham, cheese and garden fresh greens- a combo as delicious as it sounds.

Last but certainly not least, we'd be insane not to point that sweet tooth towards yet another all-time French favourite, the sweet, sweet crepe. For the best crepes this side of France, Scoop's Nutella Melt is one of Dublin's most highly-demanded crepe desserts. Just one bite in and it'll have you head-over-heels! You can even opt for an Italian twist and add a scoop of creamy gelato to create the perfect balance with a world of flavour. If you're looking for the ultimate way to wrap up your French breakfast experience, then look no further and prepare to get your day off to a sweet and satisfying start!

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