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5 Fab Salad Spots In Dublin From Blazing Salads To Sprout & Co

Superbly Satisfying Salads For A Healthy Munch Of A Lunch!

Be honest - how often do you think of ordering a salad when you're ordering a takeaway? Is it something you'd really consider a decadent treat? If you're not convinced, we think we might be able to change your mind with this selection of fantastic salads that feature on the menus of different eateries around Dublin. Whether you're after a vegetarian salad, one that's gluten-free, or one that has meat or fish added to it, salad joints like Blazing Salads, Chopped and Sprout & Co stand ready to oblige. These salads dispense with the myth that salad is only good as a side dish – they're all as satisfying as any other main course.

1. Japanese Salmon

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If you're looking for a salad with a protein boost as well as a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, the Japanese Salmon salad from Sprout & Co is perfect. Roasted salmon is nestled on a bed of noodles with fresh veggies such as pak choi, carrot and spinach. Drizzled over the top is a sweet miso dressing, rounding of the flavour set in this light and fresh health pot.

2. Blazing Salads bowl

It's not hard to guess what theah! focus of the menu at Blazing Salads is! Their huge range of salads means there's something for every taste and you don't have the dilemma of narrowing down your choice to just one. For a healthy lunch to share at work, the best option is to pick one of Blazing Salad's salad bowls. You can choose from a range of different salads, including spicy moong bean noodles with crunchy veg and coriander or Asian style slaw with a ginger and chilli dressing. Feeding up to five or ten people, this is guaranteed to get the whole office through the long afternoon.

3. Goat Cheese and Walnut salad

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One salad that packs a flavourful punch is the Goat Cheese and Walnut salad from Chopped. This vegetarian salad is made up of greens, tomato, roast carrot and cucumber, but it's the addition of pieces of local goats' cheese and walnuts that make this salad stand out from the crowd. It's no wonder it's one of the most popular items on the Chopped menu.

4. Middle Eastern Chicken

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With roasted red pepper, avocado and feta, the Middle Eastern Chicken salad from Cocu offers a range of different textures and flavours. Every mouthful is an adventure for your taste buds. Not only does this salad taste great and offer plenty of protein. It's also low in FODMAPs and is suitable for anyone who is looking to find gluten-free dishes.

5. Flavours of the Middle East

The Flavours of the Middle East salad from Fallon & Byrne Deli does exactly what it says on the tin, bringing you a varied taste of Middle Eastern cooking. There's aubergine, charred green veg, pomegranate and tabbouleh with hummus. To bring it all together, it comes with a minted yoghurt dressing. Sit back and enjoy the mix of flavours as you eat a bowl of salad that you just know is doing you some good!

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