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5 Ways To Eat Fish This Friday In Dublin From Fish & Chips To Lobster Roll

From Fish & Chips To Lobster Roll – 5 Ways To Eat Fish This Friday

It's long been tradition to have fish on a Friday and Deliveroo can help you continue that habit – while taking all the hard work of cooking fish out of your hands. Often, fish and chips is the first choice of many Dubliners when they're in the mood for a well-cooked piece of fish. However, you could always shake the tradition up a little and go for a different type of fish dinner – we've got five fish dishes to reel you in right here! From the American take on fish and chips at Supermac's through to spicy variations like those you'll find at the Fish Shack Cafe, there's a great choice when it comes to ordering fish dishes to be delivered.

1. Fresh North Atlantic Cod

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For the classic taste of fish and chips, Beshoff Bros have been serving up fantastic fish and chips for more than 100 years in different shops around Dublin. Our top pick from this traditional chippie's menu is the Fresh North Atlantic Cod that comes in a crispy coating of batter. It's served with a portion of chips, lemon and tartare sauce.

2. Shrimp Piri Piri

There's fish and there are chips, but not as you might expect from the classic combo! The stated aim of the Fish Shack Cafe in Temple Bar is to bring its clients a sophisticated plate of fish and chips, a mission they accomplish by spicing up classic favourites with an Asian twist. The shrimp is cooked in a hot, spicy sauce along with tomatoes and onions. On the side you have a choice of chips or salad, depending on whether you're going for a healthy or a hearty meal!

3. Tempura Ramen

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The first fish dish we tend to think of in Japanese cooking is sushi, but there are plenty of other ways the Japanese cook their fish. One such example is tempura – where seafood is dipped in a light batter and then flash-fried. The Tempura Ramen at Kuraudo is a noodle broth dish which is topped with tempura salmon, squid and prawn pieces. In addition, there are veggies such as seaweed, mushrooms and pak choi thrown in for good measure.

4. Klaw's Lobster Roll

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At Klaw The Seafood Cafe, the focus is seafood in many forms – from seafood sarnies through to plates of oysters, lobster or crab. Our top recommendation for a Friday fish fix is Klaw's Lobster Roll, which comes with hand-cut fries and a house salad. Delicious and easy to eat on the sofa, it's a great alternative when you want something similar to yet different from standard fish and chips.

5. Cod Meal

Sometimes you might want battered fish, but not want the chips to go with it. And that's just fine with the guys at Supermac's – they offer the Cod Meal or just Cod. Either way, you'll get a piece of 100% Atlantic cod dipped in the house batter and fried to crispy perfection. It's just up to you whether you add the fries or have it on its own.

So what kind of fish are you going to have this Friday? Get Deliveroo to bring it to you!

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