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  2. If a full English is too much try a French breakfast or other alternatives from around Europe
The Chic French Breakfast and 3 Other Full English Substitutes

If a full English is too much try a French breakfast or other alternatives from around Europe

For many British natives, there's nothing better than a full English. It's got everything you could ever need to get through the day and it's undeniably delicious. Still, it's not for everyone and it certainly isn't a dish that should be eaten daily. Fortunately, there are plenty of other breakfasts available around Ireland, all inspired by how the cuisines of our neighbours in nearby countries. From the classy French breakfast to decadent, diverse German dishes, here are four alternative European brekkies. 

1. France

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While citizens of the British Isles like to indulge in a big meaty breakfast every so often, the French prefer a light brekkie. It's usual to opt for a simple coffee and a croissant - perhaps the classiest breakfast combo in existence. The French version of a big breakfast is so popular that cafés around the world have embraced it, including Dublin's Krust Bakery where there's a selection of croissants and other breakfast pastries to accompany your coffee of choice. 

2. Italy

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Just like the French, the Italians love to eat pastries in the morning. Coffee is a big part of a morning meal, too (heaven forbid you drink a cappuccino at any other time of day!) and often, whether it's in Dublin or Rome, you'll find a selection of breakfast coffees and Italian pastries on offer. But Carluccio's have turned the Italian breakfast levels up to 11 with their twist-on-traditional Italian French Toast. Served on panettone, ricotta yoghurt is accompanied by the sweetness of berries, honey and cinnamon. This one's sure to kick your day into gear!

3. Germany

If you think that the traditional English breakfast is meat heavy, it's got nothing on what Germans like to eat of a morning. It's probably not an everyday meal but when Germans do breakfast properly they do it big. There's an assortment of breads, cold meats, local cheeses, butter and jam all combined into one meal and it truly sounds glorious. To experience this next level breakfast, you need to find somewhere like The Good Food Store where there are several different breakfast dishes you can combine. There are Sausage Rolls, Breakfast Pastries, Baguettes, Sambos and other meaty options, so you have everything covered for a hearty German breakfast.

4. Spanish

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All over Spain, Pan Con Tomate - or toast with grated tomato spread - is a popular savoury breakfast. This can be difficult to find elsewhere in the world, but fortunately there a few breakfast-centric eateries that offer their own versions of this delicious morning meal. There's the Avocado & Feta Smash at Grove Road in Dublin for instance, a toasted sourdough topped with avocado, feta, roasted cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, served alongside two poached eggs. It may be a heavier version of the traditional Spanish breakfast but it's sure to leave you feeling satisfied and ready to take on the day.

For other breakfast alternatives from across Europe and the world, head over to Deliveroo for some inspiration.

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