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Raw Spice! 4 Galway Curries That’ll Blow Your Socks Off

Can You Handle the Heat? Four Zingy Galway Curries

From the burning spice of a madras dish to the mellow tones of seafood, what better way to prove your metal than through a curry on your tongue? If you think you've got what it takes, Galway's Asian restaurants are all set and prepped to put those taste buds through their paces. With deep flavour beneath the heat and a cool drink by your side to wash them down, these four plate ups are darn delicious, as well as being full of tip top spice. Get your naan all torn, get your rice dish ready. It's time to crank things up a notch and charge full steam ahead towards stomach satisfaction.      

1. Yellow Curry - Khow-Thai

Choose your filling! With a variety of meats available as stock, the Yellow Curry from Khow-Thai restaurant is a picky eater's dream come true. Now you can enjoy the heat without worrying about any unwanted flavours! Served on a bed of fresh jasmine rice, this dish combos butternut squash, pineapple and crispy shallots for a milder, albeit still zingy, meal. A whole lot of love goes into this one, and a whole lot of dried spice too: everything from cinnamon to salt to ginger adds up to make a truly memorable sauce.

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2. Madras - Curry and Spice

Hot. Very hot. Very, very hot. Faint-hearted eaters beware, this is one curry you don't want to take lightly. The Madras from Curry and Spice originates all the way from southern India and it certainly doesn't mess around. Gluten free and charged to the max with red chilli, it'll catch your tongue, your throat and everything in between. This is one for the veterans, one for those with a penchant for adventure – and, if you can handle it (did we mention it's very, very, very hot?), one that tastes absolutely fantastic.

3. Goan Seafood Curry - Kashmir Indian and Nepalese Restaurant

Meaty mussels, juicy crab claws, succulent prawns and coconut. The Goan Seafood Curry from Kashmir Indian and Nepalese Restaurant is a true testament to ocean flavour. Salty and with a medium level of spice, it's a nice middle ground between the extreme and the soft. There's variety, there's texture, there's taste and goodness aplenty – the chef's down at Kashmir have got your back when the curry cravings come a-calling.  

4. Green Curry - Xian Street Food

Green for basil and green for beans, the Green Curry from Xian Street Food takes a coconut base and whips it into a creamy frenzy. This one is a crowd-pleaser: available as both a vegetarian and carnivorous dish, it's also gluten free and it goes well with either the puff of steamed rice or a solid base of noodles. Colourful, tasty, customisable, it's also got that good kick to it that all good curries should.

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