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4 Spectacular Sushi Platters In Ireland

Looking For Spectacular Sushi Platters? Sample These Stunning Sets Today

Sushi is one of the best-loved foods the world over because it is so versatile, great for sharing, and a phenomenal taste sensation. The Japanese delicacy has spread far and wide and there are now some exquisite options available across some of the biggest cities in Ireland. In fact, Irish people can't get enough of the bite-sized rolled rice treats and there is a growing sushi scene sweeping the nation. There are some hot spots serving up sensational sushi platters in Galway, many in the capital, and not forgetting in Limerick and Cork as well. With Deliveroo, all of these exceptional dishes can be ordered straight to your door with ease.

1. Meal for One

One of the hottest and most popular sushi venues in Galway is Wa Café, which has received excellent reviews from locals and professional food critics alike. It offers a wide range of Japanese cuisine but the main event is most definitely the sushi selection. If you're planning a feast of Japanese delights to enjoy on your own, we recommend the Meal for One. It features miso soup and a sushi combination, accompanied by a drink. This will give you the opportunity to try some of the best creations from this wonderful eatery.

2. Tokyo Sushi Selection

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Dublin has a wealth of Japanese outlets rolling up some cracking sushi dishes for you to sink your teeth into. For this list, we've selected the Tokyo Sushi Selection at Aoki Sushi, just because it offers such an eclectic variety. The platter includes six pieces of sushi nigiri, eight pieces of sushi maki, along with eight pieces of small hosomaki, all chosen by the chef. This set is sure to have you feeling as though you are in the bustling Japanese capital but, if it doesn't take your fancy, there are plenty of other sharing options available on this comprehensive menu.

3. Bento Box

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For Cork residents looking for an awesome sushi fix, look no further than Dashi Sushi on Cook Street. It's one of the best-loved Japanese joints in town, and also incorporates a number of Pan-Asian dishes. In addition to this, the restaurant always selects the finest fresh, locally-sourced fish for its dishes. If you're looking for a way to try as many things as possible from this fashionable eatery, go for the Bento Box. It includes miso soup and a noodle salad, along with a tantalising sushi selection.

4. Kyoto Platter

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Kyoto Sushi & Noodles is making waves in Limerick with its mouth-watering and authentic Japanese cuisine. Hugely popular with the locals is the Daily Bento Box, which includes a special chef's selection of all the best dishes of the day. But, in terms of a regular menu item, we have selected the Kyoto Platter. This involves six slices of sashimi, six pieces of nigiri, and eight pieces of norimaki. This really is a sushi lover's heaven.

We bet you've got a craving for some spectacular sushi sets right now. Order all of these fantastic dishes and more from Deliveroo tonight!

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