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  2. Dig Into Galway’s Pastas To Help You Bulk Up With A Carb Fix!
Galway’s 4 Carbiest Pastas to Help You Bulk Up

Dig Into Galway’s Pastas To Help You Bulk Up With A Carb Fix!

Whether you're hitting the gym hard or working out at home, no workout session is complete without a healthy meal to follow! Packed with necessary carbs, protein and other benefits to complete your work out, these pasta dishes are loaded with everything you need for a perfect post-workout meal. Chicken, beef and so much more cooked up with delicious spices and vegetables help you load up on that much-needed protein whilst also giving you healthy doses of carbs to keep you going!

We put together a guide of some fantastically delicious pastas that will provide the essentials you need to help you achieve the fit and healthy body you work hard for. Check out our guide to some of Galway's tastiest and most nutritious pastas near you.

1. Penne Montanara

Worthy of the first place on our list of delicious pasta delights is the Penne Montanara from Pizza and Pasta Napoli. This scrumptious pasta dish consists of their very own homemade Italian sausages packed with protein to help you bulk up the right way. Freshly cut onions and deliciously smoked bacon bits are topped with an egg for that extra dose of protein and dressed in a decadent creamy white wine sauce for the perfect finish. The mix of meat and eggs cooked together provides all the additional nutritional elements you need to aid your workout routine, making this a must-try pasta!

2. Penne Della Casa

The Penne Della Casa from Da Paulino's Ristorante is another perfect pasta dish to add to any post-workout feast. Using only the freshest ingredients, the Penne Della Casa is an exhilarating meal consisting of tasty chicken mixed with freshly chopped broccoli, sweet char-grilled peppers and aubergine all drizzled in a mild goat cheese sauce. This not only packs a protein punch but provides necessary nutrients such as iron and Vitamin E to help you with those gains! To top it all off, the pasta is coated with melted mozzarella cheese that's oven baked to provide an out-of-this-world meal stuffed to the brim with protein, nutrients and energy-boosting carbs to nourish your body for the next round of reps!

3. Broad Bean Rigatoni

If you're looking for a more vegetable-friendly pasta to chow down on, look no further than Milano's Broad Bean Rigatoni. A classic al forno dish, this is the perfect pasta for a healthy, vegetarian option. Delicious broad beans are cooked with garden fresh spinach as well as Pecorino, a hard Italian cheese, cooked together in a creamy white wine sauce over wholesome Rigatoni pasta. This dish is topped with Gran Milano cheese with a final garnish of fresh parsley and pesto to create a mind-blowing, sense-tingling pasta ready to be devoured!

4. Fusilli Al Pesto Calabrese

Last but definitely not least, Da Roberta's Ristorante brings you the classic Fusilli Al Pesto Calabrese Pasta right from their kitchens to your belly! A traditional Italian Pasta Terra cooked to perfection with diced tender chicken breast and garnished with spring onions, this dish is drenched in a creamy red and green chilli pesto sauce. With the addition of healthy broccoli and mixed chillies, this exquisite pasta is ready to fill you up on all the protein you need and delivers an aromatic bliss you won't forget. Perfect for spice lovers, the Fusilli Al Pesto delivers a kick with every spoonful!

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