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  2. Take a chicken wing world tour with these internationally inspired dishes
Take a tour with these chicken wings from around the world

Take a chicken wing world tour with these internationally inspired dishes

Calling all fried chicken fans! It's time for a run down of the best of the best; old classics you just can't forget and new favourites for you to enjoy. Whether you prefer your wings sticky and sweet or loaded with a salty kick, hot beyond belief or soured in a mild dip, we've got a dish for you. A world of culinary experimentation awaits – this is finger food from all around the globe, tested, perfected and ready for your plate. We've got Korean BBQ, we've got American punch, we've got oriental spice. We've got great flavour in absolutely every tender bite. Sound good? Thought so. Let's get cracking!

1. Oven Baked Wings - Gourmet Burger Bistro

Simple is as simple tastes - absolutely flipping fantastic. A serving of Oven Baked Wings from the Gourmet Burger Bistro in Cork is a treat for both stomachs and taste buds alike! Crispy skin, tender wings and melt in your mouth goodness is just the start. A Korean style sauce coats and soaks the outer surface of each one of these gorgeous chicken morsels, with sesame seeds adding a lighter touch of taste and decoration here and there. A pot of paprika sour cream comes alongside too, a light dip and relish that simultaneously steams and cools each bite. The end result is a meal not quite hot enough to warrant a glass of milk, but with enough punch to give your tongue a ticklin' all the same. Tangy, chewy, tasty. Good stuff.

2. Jameson Whiskey Wings - Smokin Bones

Oven Baked is all well and good, but wings are a fickle creature if ever there was one. They're as varied as they are delicious, and the chefs and folks down at Smokin Bones in Dublin are well aware. Introducing the Jameson Whiskey Wings - a creation most wonderful for all those who love an edge to their food. Each and every one of these bad boys comes sizzling with deep and brassy flavour, having been basted in their titular ingredient for a good ol' while, indeed. Whisky full, whisky flavour. Curious? Come on down and give it a try. The wings are waiting for ya'.

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3. Louisiana Chicken Wings - Creole

If you weren't a meat lover already, you certainly will be after a plate of Creole restaurant's Louisiana Chicken Wings. This is a restaurant that prides itself on cooking up the best cuisine the American South has to offer, and they're no stranger to wings. Their Louisiana hot sauce is homemade and their chicken is full of history. Delicious history, that is. You never quite get over the crispiness.

4. Buffalo Chicken Wings - Bread and Bones

Gluten free and full of flavour. The Buffalo Chicken Wing dish from Bread and Bones takes an old classic and treats it with respect; high quality meat, great ratio of sauce. The end result is a set of wings in dire need of double portions and fingers sticky till the sun goes down. What more could you possibly ask for? This is tasty, wholesome fast food. The best of the best, just like we promised.

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