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  2. 4 Must-try Gluten-free Lunches in Cork!
4 Must-Try Gluten-Free Lunches in Cork!

4 Must-try Gluten-free Lunches in Cork!

Being gluten-intolerant can be quite difficult - except when Deliveroo has your back! Here are some perfectly scrumptious gluten-free lunches that you could gobble up as you relax in front of your TV or at work!

1. The Mexican, EAST by The Rocket Man

Known for the freshest, juiciest falafel in Cork, EAST by The Rocket Man will knock your socks off with their guacamole and salsa-infused falafel wrap. Dubbed "The Mexican", Arabian and Mexican cuisines have never blended together so harmoniously! Not to mention the flatbread they wrap these goodies in is so soft, it will melt right as you bite into it. This fusion dish is the ultimate menu item for our gluten-intolerant diners. Just don't forget to couple your meal with one of their flavours of kombucha that will make your lunch just that much better!

2. The West Cork Pizza, Uncle Pete's

Wanting to spread their revolutionary pizza recipe to all corners of the world, Uncle Pete's offers a gluten-free option for all of their gourmet pizzas above 9"! Taste their delicious Irish twist to traditional Italian classics through their Clonakilty black and white pudding pizza smothered in juicy Irish sausages, sautéed potatoes, cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella!

And of course, what better way to enjoy your pizza than by giving you the freedom to customise its toppings? Uncle Pete's features a plethora of toppings, all the way from smoky bacon to their special homemade pesto spinach. Make their pizza yours and experiment with your very own gluten-free pizza!

3. Leggera Superfood Salad, Milano

There's no better way to love your body than with a nice, large salad bowl that's both healthy and pumped with flavourful goodies! Milano's Leggera Superfood Salad does just that. They mix black rice, red quinoa, edamame, mung beans, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, some kale and a few cranberries for a tangy, delectable twist on this health-conscious dish.

These ingredients are all topped on a delicious bed of mixed leaves, cucumbers, roasted yellow and red peppers, red onion and some fresh parsley, and drizzled with a light vinaigrette. Now that's a lot of healthy goodness for one bowl! In just under 500 calories, you can rest well knowing your tummy will be satisfied and filled with superfoods to keep you energised. If that's not enough, their entire menu is gluten-free! Take your pick and your tummy will thank you.

4. Gluten-Free Ardsallagh Goat Cheese Sandwich, Café Gusto

You can also check out the wide range of internationally inspired, gluten-free dishes at Café Gusto for lunch today. The must-have gluten-free dish on their menu is their sourdough ardsallagh goat cheese sandwich. A marinated blend of roasted red peppers, creamy hummus, sweet red onion marmalade, tapenade and fresh mixed leaves will leave you feeling nourished and refreshed all day long.

For any food restrictions you might have, you can rest easy as Deliveroo has you covered!

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