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  2. Go Indie: Alternative Afternoon Tea in Ireland
Go Indie: Alternative Afternoon Tea In Ireland

Go Indie: Alternative Afternoon Tea in Ireland

Good music, rolling green hills, a pint of the black stuff. Someone shouts "sláinte!" and you take a sip of your Guinness. However, it's not all pints of porter and folk music. If you fancy something to pick you up after an afternoon of shopping, or sitting in the office, or even sitting at home watching reruns of Friends, there are plenty of great dessert spots to suit everyone. If you're intrigued by trending hybrid foods, or you're a conscious "eat-clean" type, there are plenty of places to get a dessert to suit your palate.

1. Krust

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If your version of afternoon tea involves dainty little cakes and chintzy china, you'll have your mind blown by the pastries on offer at Krust. A couple of years ago a baker invented the "cronut", a cross between a croissant and a doughnut, which seemingly caused great offence in France, but induced a sugar rush and pure joy for anyone who tried it. Krust specialises in Cronuts and Doughnuts, and you can build your own afternoon tea at Krust with a platter of mini pastries and doughnuts alongside a platter of their signature sandwiches.

2. The Cake Cafe

"Cakeaway" is gathering traction, and people are realising how great it is to be able to enjoy their sweet treats at home. The Cake Cafe is renowned for its delicious homemade cakes and you can order a whole cake for your afternoon tea. You might think that is excessive, but wait until you see them. The Belgian chocolate cake is a work of art which will make you wonder why you ever bothered with eating sandwiches for afternoon tea. Just dive into the cake!

3. Cocu

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If wellness is your thing but you just can't resist a sweet treat, try Cocu for some afternoon goodness. If you aren't a fan of tea, or you're trying out a low-caffeine diet, you could try a smoothie instead of a hot drink. In the place of sandwiches, you could choose a wholemeal wrap, or a buddha bowl, consisting of Kale, quinoa, walnuts, goji berries and orange tahini. After which, you could snaffle a raw snickers bar or a paradise bar, consisting of three different types of coconut and 72% dark chocolate. Who said you can't be naughty when you're eating clean?

4. Fallon & Byrne

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Fallon and Byrne use free-range meats and seasonal vegetables to create their menu which features wholesome food alongside some naughtier sweet treats. With lots of salads in the place of sandwiches, you can choose something which leaves a little room for dessert, because you'll definitely want to. For dessert, choose from the array of homemade cakes. A millionaire's shortbread or a bakewell tart looks good, or how about something from the cake menu, such as a chocolate truffle tart, or a lemon meringue tart? You could accompany it with a Fallon and Byrne Iced Tea, or if you prefer, a glass of wine from their extensive wine list.

Has that got you feeling peckish? Deliveroo has got loads more desserts on offer, head over now to find your favourite sweet treat for a lazy afternoon!

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