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Good Friday: Meat-Free Meals

Have a Good Friday: 3 great meat-free meals

Some call it the sacred holiday of the house party. Others know it as the day that kicks off a four-day weekend. We know it as a day of tradition and fun. So, you've got your booze in ahead of time and tonight's house party awaits, but first it's time to eat. If the memory of granny and the wooden spoon instinctively makes you shy away from meat on Good Friday, don't worry. We've put together a list of some amazing meat-free dishes to get you through the day.

1. Super Batata, Little Ass Burrito Bar

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Even the strictest of grandparents can't object to you eating the other Irish dinnertime staple on Good Friday. If you can't have meat, double down on the classic potato. The Super Batata dish from The Little Ass Burrito Bar is a roasted sweet potato – a bit like a normal potato only with grander notions – topped off with lashings of sour cream, fresh coriander and your choice of cheese and salsa. It'll be a very Good Friday if that's on the menu.

Where: Little Ass Burrito Bar, Rathmines

2. Fresh Cod and Chips, Leo Burdock

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If you want the heartiness of a meaty meal without the guilt, then why not opt for an old favourite – chicken of the sea. Leo Burdock – one of Dublin's most famous chippers – has something for everyone. Their Fresh Cod and Chips combination, dubbed 'Dublin's Caviar', has been known to warrant queues that go out the door and around the corner, so you know it's something to get excited about.

Where: Leo Burdock, Dublin 2 and Rathmines

3. Penne Giardiniera, Carluccio's

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And if you're after something a little more continental, Carluccio's is serving up a myriad of pasta dishes to tickle your taste buds. We love their famous Penne Giardiniera, and to be honest, we'd order this even if we weren't choosing meat-free today. There is a reason why this is one of the most popular dishes on their menu. Giant penne pasta cooked with courgettes, chilli and fried spinach balls, then finished with liberal sprinkling of Italian cheese. You might want to add a garlic focaccia as a little extra to mop up every last bit.

Where: Carluccio's, Dublin 2 and Glasthule

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