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Go green and boost your bod with matcha

Go green and boost your health with matcha powder

Matcha means miracle food! Made from finely ground green tea leaves and blended into recipes the whole world over, this humble powder is as healthy as it is colourful (and delicious!). If your tum needs a nutritious detox, look no further than a cup or two of the good stuff. High in antioxidants, rich in fibre and with metabolism-boosting potential, every mouthful is a health turbo boost and then some. There's a reason this stuff is as famous as it is and here at Deliveroo we've bringing it to you by the spadeful. Here are four of our best and brightest matcha dishes, from juice to doughnuts and back again.  

1. Mangajo Goji Berry & Green Tea Juice - Cocu

Cocu is all about flavour - flavour and health, that is. It's a delicate balance, but it's certainly one they master. Take their Goji Berry & Green Tea Juice, for example. This little guy is a fresh burst of nutrition, with bright goji berries and our signature matcha blended down to a glass. Each sip is a zingy palate cleanser, each gulp a satisfying release. If you want matcha goodness in your diet but need it to come with a little extra flavour, this is a great way to get stuck in. Fruity, punchy and absolutely guilt free. Very nice.

2. The Matcha Matcha Doughnut - Lauren and Mallen

Sweet tooth calling? Craving got your tongue? Ease your body's burden and add a touch of health when you opt for a Matcha Matcha Doughnut by Lauren and Mallen. Kings and queens of the craft, their bakers are top of the class when it comes to a fluffy base and awesome filling. Get yours as a single or in a box of three, six or twelve, it doesn't matter. What matters is the powdery satisfaction that comes with every bite!

3. The Matcha Chia Pudding - Eathos Breakfast

A menu favourite, the Matcha Chia Pudding from the folks at Eathos Breakfast is the perfect start to your day. Trendy and creative, filling yet light, a single spoonful will wake up your taste buds in no time. Get ready for pumpkin seeds, Greek yoghurt, fresh berries and the matcha itself for that detoxifying effect. There couldn't be a healthier way to begin your day.

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4. The Matcha Latte - Counter Culture

Put a spring in your step and some zing in your coffee! The Matcha Latte from Counter Culture is a caffeine punch with a little, added extra on the side. A great accompaniment to any of their ethically-sourced health dishes, it'll have you coming back for seconds before you know it. On-the-go or on the couch, guzzle this one up to your heart's content. 

5. The Matcha Green Super Bowl - Pog

Our final green list star is a bowl like no other: bring on the Matcha Green Super Bowl from Pog. Far from rabbit food, this combo mix is a fresh mash-up of all kinds of flavours. Crunchy granola for substance, coconut for texture, matcha and mixed fruit as its core. Great as a snack, great as breakfast, great at any time of day. 

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Lean, green and full of nutrition! Get matcha dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner delivered directly to your door with Deliveroo.

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