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All Wrapped Up: 4 Great Burrito Delivery Options

All wrapped up: 4 great burrito delivery options

We all love a good burrito – it's a simple as that. They're hearty, they're handy, and you can customise them till the cows come home. There are all sorts of places here in Ireland offering up some truly awesome burritos, so we rounded up some of the best to deliver to you so you can get your burrito on when you're in a blanket burrito yourself.

1. Little Ass Burrito Bar

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Don't let the name of the Little Ass Burrito Bar fool you – they're all about big flavours and burritos here. They offer up a whole host of goodies so you're guaranteed to find the burrito of your dreams – and let's be honest, we all have one of those.

For your carnivore buddies, there's the El Zorro, where you'll find slow braised marinated Irish beef, fresh coriander, cheese and salsa for an unforgettable Irish-Mexican fusion.

Everyone can get in on the fun here though with their vegan and vegetarian friendly options. Choose from the Super Batata, with roasted sweet potato, sour cream, zingy coriander, cheese and salsa, or the Joanie Loves Chaci, where chargrilled red peppers and pico de gallo are subbed in.

Where: Little Ass Burrito Bar, Dublin

2. El Patron

El Patron's star burrito offerings are served a little differently. So when you want all the flavours and oomph of this Mexican delight, go for one of their burrito bowls. They're perfect for when you're watching your intake, or for an extra post-gym protein boost. It's got the same core building blocks – rice, beans, meat, cheese and salsa – just minus the carby tortilla jacket.

El Patron are all about customisation, so pile your tenderloin beef, caramelised pork belly, chicken thighs or mixed vegetables in with your choice of flavoured rice, beans. You also get to choose – if you can – between cheddar, feta and Monterey Jack cheese, and make it as fiery or mellow as you like with their five salsa options. You still get to pick what's in the bowl, but mixing the ingredients makes for a messy delight.

Where: El Patron, Dublin

3. Burrito & Blues

Burrito & Blues' burritos are masterpieces of customisation – they put all the power in your hands here, letting you build the burrito to suit your cravings. Go regular or Grande, pinto or black beans, rice or none. Bundle in minced beef, chicken, vegetables or steak and pulled pork for a heartier option. If that's not hearty enough for you, you can double up on the meat front too.

Of course, they've also got a load of salsa options, and even offer up specialty salsa fries. Deep-fried potato cubes, perfectly crisp on the outside but fluffy in the inside, are served with minced beef, spicy salsa, cheese and sour cream.

Where: Burrito & Blues, Cork

4. Mosa Sushi Burritos

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If you love burritos and love a bit of adventure too, Mosa Sushi Burritos is the place for you. They do – you guessed it – sushi rolls wrapped in tortillas. This Japanese-Mexican fusion is one unforgettable package of culinary awesomeness.

If you want to start off easy, go for the California Dream, packing in crispy chicken, sesame seeds, avocado, cucumber strips and Japanese mayo. For the more seasoned burrito fanatics, push the boat out with Dancing Dragon, with Japanese grilled eel, seaweed, avocado and spicy mayo.

Where: Mosa Sushi Burrito, Dublin

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