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Great Irish Inspired Pizzas

3 great Irish inspired pizzas on Deliveroo

When we say the word 'pizza', which country do you think of? Ireland? Didn't think so. But traditional Irish toppings like black pudding, roast potato and fennel sausage are bringing flavours of the mother country to an Italian pizza base near you. We guarantee the result will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over. So here are some of the best Irish-inspired pizzas in the land.

1. Romeo and Juliet, Honest Pizza

Honest Pizza has been called one of the most authentic pizzerias in Dublin, with a traditional wood fire oven that adds those smoky flavours to the soft Italian dough and fresh, classic ingredients. The guys behind the magic here say their goal has always been to reproduce some of the best pizzas they ate while in Italy, so you know they're gonna be the real deal. But they have one pizza that brings the best of Italy and Ireland together.

The Romeo and Juliet is served on a bianco base (no tomato sauce) and topped with three Irish ingredients taken straight from the Sunday dinner table: succulent fennel sausage with that hint of the bitter and sweet aniseed flavour, crispy roast potatoes that will take you back to childhood, and of course mixed herbs that pack in the flavour. It's like an Italian Nonna and Irish Nana had a cook-off and decided to combine forces.

Where: Honest Pizza, Dublin

2. Black Pudding pizza, The Yarn

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You can't find black pudding just anywhere. Also known as blood sausage, and it certainly divides opinion. But whether you tuck into the stuff for breakfast or are more in the 'no thanks, I'm good' camp, black pudding on the 'Italiano'-style pizzas at The Yarn is the ultimate combination of Italian and Irish fare.

The Yarn couples the pungent meatiness of the blood sausage with sweet caramelised onions, tangy goats' cheese and peppery rocket. Think pepperoni pie to the power of ten, with gourmet ingredients on a crispy Roma crust.

Where: The Yarn, Dublin

3.West Cork pizza, Uncle Pete's


Uncle Pete's West Cork pizza has been described as the 'true Irish'. And there's no doubt that biting into this pizza is like biting into Ireland.

There's Clonakilty black pudding, which famously comes from a recipe that originated in the town of Clonakilty in the 1880s and hasn't changed since. Upping the ante further it also has Clonakilty white pudding, which is minus the beef blood. Add in crunchy sauteed potatoes, salty Irish sausage, sweet cherry tomatoes and milky mozzarella cheese, and you have the most Irish tasting Italian pizza on the planet.

Where: Uncle Pete's, Cork

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