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  2. Five of Limerick’s tastiest dishes featuring everyone’s favourite pink crustacean
Perfect Prawn Dishes in Limerick for a Taste of the Orient

Five of Limerick’s tastiest dishes featuring everyone’s favourite pink crustacean

When you think about it, the humble prawn has to be one of the best kinds of food in terms of healthiness and versatility. Virtually fat free but tasty and succulent too, capable of being roasted, fried, boiled and even barbecued and with a unique flavour all of their own, it's no wonder that prawns crop up so very often on both Chinese restaurant menus and in all kinds of Asian cuisine.

It's also a great option for vegetarians who eat fish and seafood too, making a welcome - and protein-packed - change from the endless variations on mushroom and cheese dishes that many restaurants tend to offer.

Limerick's lucky that it has a good range of takeaways which feature plenty of prawn dishes on the menu. We were also lucky because we got to taste them all, to decide which ones to recommend to you. Here are five of the tastiest prawn dishes that you'll find in Limerick.

1. Prawn Sesame Toast - Madam Mok

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Let's start with the classic prawn sesame toast, perhaps the ultimate version of the humble bread, especially the way that Madam Mok makes it. Thin slices of white bread are generously covered with minced prawn and topped with sesame seeds to create a bite-sized starter that is crunchy and soft at the same time, as well as being deliciously savoury too.

2. Prawn with Chilli and Thai Herbs - Lana Asian Street Food

Lana Asian Street Food serve this dish straight from the wok which adds to its fresh, clean flavours. They use the larger tiger prawns and stir fry them with chilli, fine beans and herbs like Thai basil, lemongrass and coriander. What you have alongside it is up to you: There's a choice of steamed or fried rice, chips or stir-fried noodles.

3. Seafood Yaki Soba - Taikichi

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They also get the wok out at Taikichi to bring you their very own version of Yaki Soba. It's a classic combination of stir-fried soba egg noodles along with prawns, mussels and scallops and a selection of seasonal vegetables. Then, to complete the dish, they garnish it with wakame, the edible seaweed that's even said to have some special health benefits including boosting the immune system.

4. Thai King Prawn Filo - Wok To Go

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If you're looking for a brilliant, crunchy and sweet prawn appetiser then Wok To Go's Thai King Prawn Filo is the perfect choice. It's a succulent king prawn wrapped in flaky pastry along with coriander and other classic Thai flavours and then deep fried. Served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, it's pretty close to being the ultimate in finger foods.

5. Dragon King Roll - Kyoto Sushi & Noodle

We couldn't possibly have a rundown of five of the best prawn dishes in Limerick without also mentioning Kyoto Sushi & Noodle's Dragon King Roll. One of their signature sushi rolls, it's a flavoursome combination of tiger prawn, lettuce, avocado and unagi sauce with mayo on the side. In a word, it's sensational.

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