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  2. Five oriental starters in Limerick that are full of Eastern promises
Limerick's Top 5 Oriental Starters to Order for Takeaway

Five oriental starters in Limerick that are full of Eastern promises

One of the greatest things about eating Asian is the anticipation of the many different flavours and textures that await you. From the fiery heat of a red Thai curry to the milder delights of chicken satay or even tuna sushi, it's hard to think of a cuisine that can match it in terms of variety.

But one of the biggest delights, whether you're planning a Thai takeaway or even a Chinese, is the sheer range of appetisers that will be on the menu. These tasty little small plate dishes are just perfect to get your appetite going and ready for the main event.  In fact, for lots of us, they may even be the real highlight of the meal.

So next time you're sending out for food, make sure you don't overlook the starters. You can even go tapas-style and only order starters, if you wish to. We won't blame you at all. Here are five real stars that would make the perfect choice.

1. Thai King Prawn Rolls - Lana Asian Street Food

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Let's get things going with these tasty little delights from Lana Asian Street Food which are perfect if you're a fan of the spring roll but fancy trying something even more succulent. The jumbo king prawns are encased in flaky filo pastry along with coriander and garlic and served with sweet chilli dipping sauce on the side.

2. Sushi Nigiri - Taikichi

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Sushi has to be one of the most versatile dishes in oriental cuisine. After all, it makes just as perfect a starter as it does a quick lunch on the go. There's also the sheer range of types to enjoy. For example, when you choose the sushi nigiri from Taikichi you can order everything from salmon to sea bass and from tuna to tofu.

3. Crab Claws in Golden Crumb - Wok To Go

The claws are often the part of the crab that's overlooked in favour of the white or brown meat but, thankfully, they're put to very good use by Wok To Go. Covered in breadcrumbs and deep-fried to golden, crispy perfection, the sweet meat of the claws is partnered perfectly with the chilli sauce that comes with them. Once tasted, you're sure to want to order them again and again.

4. Aromatic Duck - Madam Mok

One starter that certainly needs no introduction is Madam Mok's Aromatic Duck. In fact, it's half a duck and it's served with the traditional pancakes, shredded leek and cucumber batons along with hoisin sauce. Then you get all the fun of putting together the tasty little pancakes yourself.

5. Chicken Gyoza - Kyoto Sushi & Noodle

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You can choose to have these little chicken and vegetable-filled dumplings deep fried or pan fried by Kyoto Sushi & Noodle. Either way, they're delicious and also come with the restaurant's special gyoza sauce, made according to their own secret recipe.

Have we tickled your taste buds with these superb starters? The let Deliveroo get some of these treats round to you right now.

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