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Great Places To Get Craft Beer In Dublin

Brewing up a storm: 4 great places to get craft beer in Dublin

Things are changing in the world of beer. You've probably heard plenty of talk of so-called craft beers invading the hoppy scene with their tropical tastes and whimsical themes. And while we love our classics here in Ireland – we did come up with Guinness after all – there's plenty of places getting crafty. So here's a few places to check out first when you feel like a walk on the wild side.

1. Galway Bay Brewery

This place started out as a bar, and became the country's first brew pub when they added an onsite brewery in 2009. They're now serving up their beers from 11 bars across Ireland, with four core specialities and a whole range of seasonal goodies too.

They sell their beers in 4-packs here, so opt for the Full Sail if you like all things malty, but go for the Althea if you prefer a more fragrant American pale ale. Can't decide? These guys have got you covered with the Create Your Own 4-Pack option.

Where: Galway Bay Brewery, five locations across Dublin

2. Baggot Street Wines

It's not just wine that's the name of the game here, they've got everything from champagne and cheese boxes to – more importantly – beer. Opt for the crispy Bohemian Pilsner collection for a biscuity malt with a twist of spice – this is the only six pack we'll ever need. For something a bit closer to home, go for the Sunburnt Red Ale, with this laugh-out-loud description: 'like an Irishman on holiday in the Canaries, this beer has a red tint and a chilled out, mellow feel.'

And if that's not doing it for you, they bagged National Off License of the Year in 2016, so you know they're the real deal when it comes to scoring the best brews out there.

Where: Baggot Street Wines, Ballsbridge

3. The Wine Barrel at Fresh 

From individual beer bottles to six packs, the guys at Wine Barrel at Fresh are all set for your beer needs. It's hard to pick a favourite here, while we love the dry hoppy Brooklyn Lager, there's just something about the fruity 8 Degrees Hurricane IPA we can't resist. We're also big fans of the Little Sumpin' pale ale from Lagunitas, a smooth and silky number with a strong, hoppy finish. They also offer a Mix and Match 4-pack so you can try a few of the best.

Where: The Wine Barrel at Fresh, Sandymount

4. The Dark Horse

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If you love all the beers they come up with over at Galway Bay Brewery, but you also want some nibbles, The Dark Horse is the place for you. They have well stocked fridges, and according to them, are 'South Dublin's best specialised beer bar'.

So whether you opt for the chocolate milk stout Buried at Sea or the red Bay Ale, add on a Kilo of Wings. With this delight you'll find a kilogram of chicken wings, coated in the house 'Of Foam & Fury' hot sauce, so zingy you'll definitely need a cold one to cool your mouth off after.

Where: The Dark Horse, Monkstown

Fancy joining the Irish beer craft revolution? Be a part of it here on Deliveroo. Always drink responsibly. We may ask for ID on delivery.

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