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Weekend Brunches: 5 Of The Best

Do lazy Sundays in style: 5 great weekend brunches

Whoever invented brunch deserves a medal. Combining all the best bits of breakfast and lunch and adding in a whole lot of fun, it's a meal of pure genius. So, next time you're lounging around on a Sunday morning, wondering just what to enjoy for your leisurely brunch, have a look through our ideas. We've come up with our top five brunches to make your Sunday a perfect day.

1. Moroccan Pancakes, Brother Hubbard

Sometimes you can't beat the sweeter things in life – brunch included. And for those of you who like to satisfy your sweet tooth early in the day, Brother Hubbard's Moroccan Pancakes are the ones for you. Fluffy pancakes are topped with creamy caramelised banana and date mascarpone, salted date caramel, hazelnut praline and a generous helping of hazelnut-chocolate spread. This delight is sure to give you a sugar rush that'll keep you going for the entire day ahead.

Where: Brother Hubbard, two locations in Dublin 2

2. Daily Vegetarian Bento, Miyazaki

Who says you can't eat Japanese food for brunch? Bento are typically for your on-the-go lunch, but we promise it's just as good on a leisurely Sunday morning. Miyazaki-san himself makes a mean bento box, and the vegetarian version is the perfect light option for brunch. They take fresh vegetables, tofu and fresh rice and create something special. There's a different kind of vegetable version available each day, so the possibilities are endless.

Where: Miyazaki, Cork

3. Spiced Irish Sausage Scramble, Slice

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If you don't want to stray too far from the beaten path, then Slice's not-so-humble take on scrambled eggs is the one for you.The Spiced Irish Sausage Scramble brings this breakfast classic into the classy realm of brunch, layering soft scrambled eggs and warming Irish sausages on crunchy sourdough toast. Topped with a generous helping of creamy chopped avocado and crème fraiche, it's healthy, filling and perfect for brunching.

Where: Slice, Dublin

4. Mezze Plate, TGO Falafel Bar

Brunch – more often than not – is a social affair. And what better way to get in the social mood than with a sharing mezze platter? The guys at TGO know a thing or two about making a board that goes all out on the flavour front. You and your friends can dig into halloumi, falafel, aubergine, dolmas, pots of creamy hummus, fresh salads, rustic pita breads and all sorts of dipping sauces. After all, sharing brunch is caring.

Where: TGO Falafel Bar, Galway

5. Pat Mac's Pastrami, The Woollen Mills

If you like to go all-out with your flavour combinations, then opt for The Woollen Mills' Pat Mac's Pastrami. This little delight packs a punch and starts your day off with a bang. A tender red-pink slab of pastrami is met with delicately sweet poached pears, a rich Crozier blue cheese vinaigrette and a refreshing hazelnut salad. This fusion brunch of spices, textures and flavours is sure to hit the spot.

Where: The Woollen Mills, Dublin

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