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  2. A guide to the most scrumptious potato dishes Ireland has to offer!
Ireland's Very Best Restaurant-Quality Potato Dishes

A guide to the most scrumptious potato dishes Ireland has to offer!

Sick and tired of your average, everyday baked potato? Experience the true glory of potato dishes influenced by cuisines from all around the world! You won't recognize those little spuds when they've been transformed into the most delightfully flavoured intriguing variations the Emerald Isle has to offer! Try it out "their way" and experience a new world of tater dishes inspired by the history, tradition, and spices from all corners of the globe. Check out our guide to some of the best potato dishes Dublin has to offer today!

1. Bone Marrow Mash, Pitt Bros BBQ

Proud and happy to serve delicious western BBQ dishes slow-cooked to perfection, Pitt Bros BBQ presents a world of American grilled barbecues we just can't get enough of! A meat lover's haven, just about everything is a must-try at Pitt Bros. The Bone Marrow Mash is a savoury potato dish with delicious bone marrow gravy drenched over peaks of fluffy American style mash, making the mix of both tastes uplifting with each bite. Big and mean is how every dish is served at Pitt Bros, so make sure you work up an appetite before you challenge those American portions!

2. Tex Mex Poutine, The Chili Shack

Starting off as a fun and quirky shack on wheels, The Chili Shack quickly built a name for itself serving its delicious chilli dishes among other favourites at festivals around the country! Wings, hot dogs, poutine and of course, chilli have won the hearts of the Irish with their homemade-style hearty flavours you just can't seem to find anywhere else. The Tex-Mex Poutine has transformed the potato we know and love and chopped into thick delicious French-Canadian inspired golden chips drenched in gravy and topped with red onions, crunchy bacon and sour cream. Great to eat any time of the day, it's no wonder this Canadian rendition of fries has become a worldwide favourite snack.

3. Jerk Chicken Braised on Brewtonic Hemp Ale, Spudbox

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Spudbox offers up the classic Irish baked potatoes in a whole new way! Served up in boxes and dressed in a wide variety of delicious combinations, the Spudbox is sure to make you a regular customer. With your choice of Chili Con Carne, the Veggie or the Jerk Chicken slathered atop your new baby spuds, it's worth trying them all to your heart's content. The Jerk Chicken, a Caribbean tradition and staple, is a baked potato stuffed with chicken cooked in saucy Caribbean barbecue flavours and slowly braised in Brewtonic Hemp Ale to infuse a touch of the Caribbean to an all-Irish Classic. Yum!

4. Grilled Sweet Potatoes at Klaw

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The potato family extends far beyond the average Irish common spud, with species that come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and even taste. One of the most commonly used potatoes in international cuisine is none other than the sweet potato. Over at Klaw where every ingredient is locally sourced to guarantee a fantastic dining experience, Klaw presents some of Ireland's most exquisite seafood. Lobster, crab and shrimp are just some of the few dishes available. The Grilled Sweet Potatoes make for a great starter: cut up wedges of fresh sweet potato are grilled and caramelized to accentuate its sweet nature. Doused in spicy Sriracha sauce and cooling sour cream, you might just spoil yourself for the average potato!

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