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Ireland’s ultimate gyoza guide - 4 delicious dumpling dishes

Calling all gyoza fanatics! Ireland's best dumplings await

Dumpling lovers, gather 'round! We're here to astonish you with the various types of gyoza dumplings Ireland has to offer. Said to be of Chinese origins, these moreish morsels have a distinctly Japanese character, especially when dabbled or drenched - diner's choice! - with the classic, tart ponzu sauce so typical of the country's cuisine.

Boil them, fry them or steam them. Stuff them with seafood, meat or veg: gyoza are the epitome of appetiser variety and versatility. There's no time of day you can't enjoy a nice, warm plate of these finely crafted, delicate and juicy dumplings. Whether you're ordering up a well-deserved lunch break or snuggling up in front of the telly after a long day, gyoza are always here for you - and so are we, with our ultimate selection of Japanese takeaway.

1. Ebi Gyoza

Banyi Noodles and Tapas' dishes beautifully blend the best of both Asian and Western cuisine. The most popular choice in their Pan-Fried Tapas selection is their Ebi Gyoza, brilliant prawn-filled bites. The succulent seafood interior always hits the spot when dunked in the salty-yet-sweet ponzu sauce that we all know and love. To try these is to rest assured knowing you'll always have the ideal solution when those gyoza cravings come knocking!

2. Deep-Fried Duck Gyoza

Just one bite into one of Wagamama's gyoza dumplings and you'll instantly understand why they're among the most popular items on the menu. Their Fried Duck Gyoza is not only sprinkled with high-quality aromatic spices, but is also served fresh from the kitchen to your door. If it's duck you're after, nothing will satisfy you more than this perfect balance of tender, crispy dumplings.

3. Yasai Gyoza

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Eatokyo's menu plunges deep into Japanese cuisine. From ramen noodles to a plethora of sushi rolls, this journey into Japan's culinary diversity is an experience you don't want to miss. Known to put Dublin's foodie bloggers in a food trance, this place will not disappoint you with their Yasai Gyoza, a delicious selection of juicy vegetable gyoza. Despite the plate's small size, these dumplings are drizzled with their very own special gyoza sauce and will leave your taste buds fully satisfied after each bite.

4. Chicken Gyoza

Another one of Dublin's sushi hubs, Kuraudo, offers the most succulent dumplings to enjoy alongside your favourite sushi rolls. Have your pick of rolls from their creative menu and be sure to try out their popular Chicken Gyoza. These chicken and veggie morsels are fried then smothered in some of their very own homemade gyoza sauce for the perfect hint of traditional Japanese delight.

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