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4 Healthiest Dishes On The Menu In Galway

Healthy Eating With No Need To Cook In Galway

Healthy food doesn't have to be bland in our opinion! There are plenty of nutritious and delicious foods on offer these days ranging from salads to burgers! Yes that's right..burgers don't always deserve the unhealthy reputation that they often get.

With people becoming more aware of what they are putting into their body, healthy food is surging in popularity and the quality of the offerings has improved also.

Let's take a look at some of the healthiest fast food options available here in Galway, so that you don't have to feel guilty about ordering take-out as it's going to be doing you some good!

1. Moroccan Vegetarian Tagine

The Vegetarian Tagine from High Cafe probably provides you with all of your five-a-day requirements in one dish. This is a Moroccan stew made of slow-cooked root veggies, mushrooms, green beans, artichoke and olives. It's served with a choice of boiled rice, couscous, house bread or fries - keep it on the healthy side and go for the steamed couscous over the fries.

2. Wok Fried Teriyaki Salmon Salad

At Mixgreens, the philosophy behind the restaurant is to celebrate healthy eating, so it's a great menu to make a healthy food choice from. They have lots of salads but you don't have to feel like a rabbit munching its way through a stack of lettuce. Try one of the warm wok salads instead - such as the Wok Fried Teriyaki Salmon salad made with organic ingredients. You'll get a good portion of omega-3 fatty acids and protein from the salmon mixed with some fresh vegetables such as mange tout, baby corn and red peppers. The dish is topped with a chilli and soy dressing and some toasted sesame seeds.

3. Superfood Chicken Salad

Chopped is another great Galway restaurant that focuses on healthy foods, and specialises in wraps, salads and juices. You can specify which ingredients you want in a bowl, sandwich or wrap under the Create Your Own section of the menu, or choose one that's been designed for you. Our pick from the Training section of the menu is the Superfood Chicken salad which includes chicken, super greens like kale and broccoli, power grains and lentils, sweet potato, mixed peppers and tomatoes. You can choose your dressing, but the recommended one for this salad is the Rebel chilli, for a bit of a spicy kick.

4. Vegan Burger

Well, we said burgers don't always fit on the healthy sliding scale, but they do if they're vegan burgers! At The Gourmet Offensive Falafel Bar, the Vegan Burger is a must-try dish. The patty is made with puy lentils, mushrooms, roasted walnuts and onions. It's served on an organic Coolfin bakery bun, along with delicious toppings such as avocado, tahini, tomato and house-made ketchup. The Vegan Burger does come with chips, but no-one says you have to eat them!

Galway's chefs are waiting to slice and dice and prepare you the healthiest of fast food. All you need to do is to order your favourite dish with Deliveroo.

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