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  2. Kick-start Your New Year’s Resolution With These Rewarding Wraps
Healthy Mexican, Greek and Lebanese Wraps in Dublin

Kick-start Your New Year’s Resolution With These Rewarding Wraps

If you're planning on dieting in 2018 and kick-starting the year with a healthy regime, the best way to begin is by changing the way you eat. That doesn't mean to say you have to go to extreme lengths and start eating like a rabbit though. In fact, there are plenty of enjoyable ways to have a healthy diet and eating a wrap for lunch could be a great place to start. There are plenty of things to try, from Lebanese dishes like falafels, to Mexican burritos, here on Deliveroo we have it all.

1. Absolute Aubergine Falafel

Falafels have taken a while to reach mainstream status, but nowadays the Lebanese delicacies can be found in nearly every city across the world. If you're still unfamiliar with the dish, it's a deep-fried patty consisting of healthy vegetarian ingredients such as chickpeas and fava beans. O Falafel on Richmond Street specialises in this vibrant cuisine and the menu is loaded with different varieties to sink your teeth into. One of the standout options for the healthy eater has to be the Absolute Aubergine Falafel which is bursting with other wonderful flavours such as aubergine, cucumber, onion, and parsley all tied together with chilli sauce. The whole thing is wrapped together in a delicious flat bread and is sure to have you ordering more Lebanese dishes in the future.  

2. Burrito

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The burrito is easily one of the most famous Mexican dishes and there's a good reason why. The tightly wrapped tortillas are packed to the brim with sensational flavours and can easily be modified to suit anyone's taste. At Zambrero on Parnell Street, the burritos are reasonably priced at €6.80 and are filled with pinto beans, rice, sour cream, lettuce, a choice of meat all smothered in a choice of sauces and salsas. These awesome taste sensations are basically a whole meal conveniently wrapped into one.

3. Cocu Wraps

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The sole mission of Cocu is to provide healthy food which is also a treat for the taste buds. If you're looking to change your diet for the better, you will find a lot of options on the menu here that will have you salivating. The Cocu Wraps are a particularly enjoyable and filling way to have a wholesome lunch consisting of a wholemeal wrap being filled with hummus, fresh crunchy coleslaw and mixed leaves.

4. Athens Vegetarian Pita Wrap

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Greek food is known for being incredibly vibrant and good for you, so ordering from EatGreek café is a great way to get a health fix which is also packed with flavour. The Athens Vegetarian Pita Wrap is perhaps one of the healthiest items on the menu and is filled with zucchini feta fritters. This dish is sure to have you feeling as though you are in the ancient city as you devour it.  

Never knew healthy food could be this tempting? Order these healthy meals and more to your door with Deliveroo.

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