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  2. Special Shepherd’s, Fabulous Fish and Original Organic Pies – Ireland has some truly wonderful winter warmers
Fill up! 4 options for shepherd’s pie and beyond

Special Shepherd’s, Fabulous Fish and Original Organic Pies – Ireland has some truly wonderful winter warmers

Snow got you down? Tip of your nose a little too cold for comfort? Then take those gloves off and get out your cutlery. Here at Deliveroo we've got piping hot pies ready and waiting to warm you through to the soul – everything from creamy fish mix to hearty beef awaits below. Vegan? Got a favourite in mind? Not to worry! Whether you like your bites seasoned to a tee and encased in a crisp shortcrust or spilling out onto the plate, these four bad boys are certain to please your tum. Savoury, cosy and boozy, it's time for a real filling dinner. One Guinness on the side, please.  

1. Organic Meadow Pie - The Organic Kitchen

Two plates, one pie. This vegan alternative to cottage pie from The Organic Kitchen is a big old pastry serving, stuffed and made with mung beans, mushrooms and various diced vegetables that kick the health counter way up to eleven. Olive oil mashed potatoes come on the side and satisfaction is guaranteed, especially when shared with a friend. Sound good? Then order up and do both your appetite and the environment a tasty world of good! Mmph. Responsible nosh.  

2. Braised Irish Beef and Guinness Pie - Girl and the Goose

Deep and dark flavour, steam rising from the cracked pastry top and hearty beef below: the Guinness and Beef Pie from the wholesome bakers at Girl and the Goose is as Irish as pie can get. If you're in need of a bone-warming slice, if molten gravy on the tip of your tongue is required, then look no further. This is absolutely the dish for you. Curl those toes and rub that belly, this beast will fill you up and then some. Meat and stuffed potatoes never tasted so good – and it comes with broccoli and cheese on the side, to boot! Forget the weather. There's food to eat.

3. Braised Lamb Shepherd's Pie - The Sussex

Cooked slowly, cooked surely and cooked – most importantly – with love, this is one Braised Lamb Shepherd's Pie you don't want to miss. Carrots mix with peas, herbs pepper every bite and a well-dressed salad provides occasional light relief in the form of a break from constant meaty goodness. Dinner just like Mum made it, if that's what you're after, albeit with a slightly more professional touch. The folks down at The Sussex like to serve things up with a flourish, after all.

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4. Creamy Fish Pie - Fallon & Byrne

Get your seafood on! Fallon & Byrne is a quality delicatessen – every product and every bite from this legendary Dublin food hall is, quite frankly, as good as it gets. So when it comes to a plate up of their Creamy Fish Pie, you know you're in safe hands! Just one cut into the flaky shell reveals absolute deliciousness – chunks of fresh fish, balanced vegetables and a fine cream sauce are but a forkful away. Treat your tongue, fight off the cold and keep your tank topped up to the max. Much yum.  

Keep that cold at bay warm and fill up at your convenience with savoury bites from Deliveroo.

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