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Cork Is A Naan And Flatbread Heaven

Looking For Some Delectable Dough? Cork is Naan and Flatbread Heaven

Indian cuisine is so popular in Ireland, and there are hundreds of amazing restaurants to choose from. Indian food isn't just great for sharing with friends, it's also bursting with intense and complex flavours that leave you hungry for more. One of the highlights of the cuisine is the abundance of delightful doughs that can be ordered as a side to go with your meal. These are ideal for dipping down into a sauce and making sure that not a drop is wasted. There are plenty of great Indian restaurants in Cork to choose from, and here we take you through some of the best bread available in the city.

1. Naan Bread

Thali is an excellent choice for people who want to try some curries that are slightly different to traditional Indian recipes. The restaurant in Popes Quay serves up authentic Nepalese dishes, which are designed to transport you to the beautiful country without actually going there. While the flavours and cooking methods vary slightly, some of the elements remain the same, including the delicious doughs that can be added as accompaniments. While Thali offers some intriguing sides such as the Aloo Govi and the Chana Masala, it also features a classic naan. Customers can choose between plain, garlic, cheese, onion, or sweet.

2. Onion Kulcha

Eastern Tandoori in Emmet Place offers up traditional Indian curries, tandooris, and kebabs. The extensive menu features a wide range of beef, chicken, lamb, fish, and vegetarian dishes, and all of these can be enhanced with some of the breads available on the side. There are numerous naan breads as options at this popular restaurant, including cheese, garlic, keema, coriander, and peshwari. But for those feeling like something a little different, the onion kulcha is well worth checking out. It is a leavened flatbread moistened with butter and stuffed with freshly chopped onions.

3. Chappati Tandoori

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The Chappati Tandoori is one of many delightful dough options at Bombay Palace, an Indian restaurant which stays true to its roots. It is a leavened whole wheat bread which is cooked to perfection and light golden in colour. Other exquisite offerings on the menu include a range of naans, as well as the Alloo Pratha, which is leavened bread stuffed with potatoes and special herbs. There really is something for everyone at this incredible eatery.

4. Tandoori Paratha

A paratha is a flatbread which literally means "cooked dough". It looks fairly similar to a naan but is slightly thinner. The tandoori paratha at Lal Quila is cooked in their tandoori oven, so it soaks up all that delicious smoky flavour. There are other tasty sides on offer as well, such as the papadums and the roti. The restaurant also serves up a number of tasty Thai meals to go along with its Indian and Pakistani range.  

We bet you're feeling like an Indian right now, so why not order some of these breads to your door with Deliveroo today?

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