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  2. 13 Ludicrously Indulgent Chocolate Desserts to Drool Over
13 Ludicrously Indulgent Chocolate Desserts to Drool Over

13 Ludicrously Indulgent Chocolate Desserts to Drool Over

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1. Supermac's

Sometimes the simplest thing is undoubtedly the best thing, and this special dessert is well and truly adored across the country. The distinctive combo of Supermac's piping hot chocolate muffin covered in ripples of cold vanilla ice cream and topped with sprinkles has reached legendary status at this stage. Is there any wonder it's been dubbed Ireland's "unofficial national dessert?"

Where: Dublin (Temple Bar), Dublin (Talbot Street), Dublin (Westmoreland Street)

2. Huckleberry's Doughnuts

One of Cork's growing flock of incredible dessert treat hotspots, Huckleberry's has amassed a cult following of sweet-craving customers and it's easy to see why. Their inventive and delicious confections are ever-changing daily but it's these chocolate doughnuts making us drool embarrassingly. Coco pops, smarties, flakes, maltesers, caramel glazing...no topping is off the table here and we love them for it!

Where: Cork

3. Brother Hubbard

Delectability squared! Chocolate brownies are one of nature's most indulgent feats of foodie heaven and these fudgy delights from Brother Hubbard are peak dessert achievement. Topped with carmelised white chocolate, they're the absolute dream for any chocoholic! Enjoy with a large glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream and savour every soft, gooey bite.

Where: Dublin

4. Devilicious Desserts

Triple layer gluttony that you never knew you needed, Chocolate Fudge Cake is another of life's irresistible plate pleasures and where better to find it than temptation central, otherwise known as Devilicious Desserts. With a menu consisting of mouthwatering cakes, brownies, deep fried Mars bars, cookies, milkshakes and countless other scrumptious options, it's a choco slam dunk!

Where: Dublin

5. Eathos

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Not all chocolate desserts need to be pure guilty pleasures and the light but enticingly rich and divine chocolate and raspberry tart from Eathos proves it. A yummy chocolate sable case filled with satin white chocolate, fresh raspberries and pistachio crumbs, it's thoughtful and quality touches making each bite all the sweeter.  

Where: Dublin

6. Rocket's

Perfect for any occasion, one excellent way to channel your chocolate obsession is through a luxuriously creamy deluxe milkshake from Rocket's. There's plenty of flavoursome options here to get excited about, from Oreo, Brownie, Reeses Peanut Cups, Nutella and Kinder Beuno, the choice is yours!

Where: Dublin (IFSC), Dublin (Baggot Street), Dublin (Dun Laoghaire), Cork (Douglas)

7. Boston Donuts

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It's pretty much a doughnut world that we're all just living in right now and no one reflects this better than the dreamy Boston Donuts available right across Dublin. Some of the luscious options here include the Chocoholic (smothered with milk chocolate and filled with creamy Nutella) and the After Eight (topped with - you guessed it - our favourite post-dinner choc mints).

Where: Dublin (Stephen's Green), Dublin (Baggot Street), Dublin (Arnotts), Dublin (Trinity Street)

8. Quattro Woodfire Pizza

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Exquisite chocolate goodness doesn't much more inviting than a freshly-baked warm brownie, sugar coated in ice cream and garnished with chocolate sauce. Make this your well-earned dessert after one of Quattro's delish woodfired pizzas or homemade pasta dishes.

Where: Dublin 

9. High Café

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Food lovers know that desserts are both the endpoint and pinnacle of any meal, salivating and exciting in equal measure and High Cafe's selection of cakes and pies are more than worth the wait through some pleasing main courses for. Choose between the Toffee Fudge or Chocolate cakes however will be slightly more difficult.

Where: Galway 

10. Oh My Donut!

You may have realised by now that we simply can't get enough donuts right now and the chocolate creations at Oh My Donut! make that impossible. In fact, you'll be hard pressed simply restricting yourself to just one or two. From the Last Rol-OH!, covered with caramel from actual Rolo's or the chocolate orange It's Not Terry's, there are many bountiful delights available here.

Where: Cork 

11. The Dublin Cookie Co.

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Nothing beats an office afternoon slump like a box of hand-baked cookies straight from the oven right to your desk and The Dublin Cookie Co. is definitely a perfect solution to such a problem. Choose from Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate, Sea Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter, among others, for a cookie treat and brighten up your day!

Where: Dublin

12. Roly's Bistro

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Yummy desserts should be thoughtful and perfectly judged and the lush confections from Roly's Bistro more than meet this standard, in particular the Valarona Chocolate Tart. Served with toasted hazelnut cream, this generous offering will fulfill your chocolate fantasy.

Where: Dublin 

13. La Cucina

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Savoury and sweet pairings are not just underrated but of course, heavenly, so what better way to indulge this to-die dessert staple than the bittersweet Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart from Limerick's beloved La Cucina.

Where: Limerick, Limerick (Castletroy)

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