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From Blazing Salads to Mixgreens, 5 Lunchtime Salads to See You Right

From Blazing Salads To Mixgreens – Ireland Is Home To Some Sublime Salad Selections

Salads are one of the best meals for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and they have become seriously innovative and imaginative over the years. They feature in nearly every country's cuisine, from spicy and zesty Thai offerings, to rich and vinegary concoctions from Italy. With all of the exceptional restaurants in Ireland serving up good, wholesome food, there has never been a more diverse selection of salads from which to choose. Here we have listed some great salads to fill up your week with crunchy, green fun.

1. Vegan Salad Bowl for 5 or 10

Blazing Salads is one of the most famous good food stores in Ireland and the restaurant located in Dublin is home to some amazing and original salads. With this place, it's all about the group meals and we recommend getting together with some work colleagues to place an order. The Vegan Salad Bowl for 5 or 10 people is the way to go here and you can customize your healthy treat to suit the tastes of you and your friends.

2. Seafood Salad

If you want a change from the traditional salads of the west, then you simply must try one of the supreme offerings from the east. Thai salads are exquisite and addictive and pack a powerful punch. At Khow Thai in Galway there are some delightful dishes that will have you feeling like you're right there on one of the country's sunny beaches. One of the healthiest options on the menu is the Seafood Salad, which features prawns, squid, mussels and monkfish on a bed of chilli, garlic and spring onions. This is all drizzled with a fresh and zesty coriander and lime dressing.

3. Dubliner Caesar

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Chopped is home to a number of vibrant salads and it is hard to choose a standout option from their extensive, mouth-watering menu. For this list we have gone for the Dubliner Caesar, which consists of a choice of greens, Chopped's delicious lemon garlic chicken, cheese and croutons and an exceptional homemade Caesar dressing.

4. Tomato Salad

Italian salads are known for having fresh and vibrant ingredients and the succulent offerings from Woozza live up to the reputation. This tomato salad is simply made with rocket, cherry tomatoes, red onion and fresh basil and is the perfect accompaniment to some of the awesome wood-fired pizzas on offer from the restaurant – you're allowed one day off, right? In terms of the classic circular dishes, we think the healthy Tropicale is one of the tastiest options here.

5. Wok Fried Tandoori Chicken

For a slightly different take on the traditional salad, Mixgreens offers up some warm wok salads that are truly tantalising. The tandoori chicken is one of the most popular items on the menu and also features fresh orange, feta cheese and a light and fruity mango dressing. Filling as it may be, this one is sure to have you wanting more.

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