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  2. Ireland does Chinese Takeaway: The best dishes to eat at home
Ireland does Chinese Takeaway: The Best Dishes to Eat at Home

Ireland does Chinese Takeaway: The best dishes to eat at home

It's hard to go wrong when you're ordering Chinese food to eat at home. One common mistake people make, though, is ordering too much or too little, or not choosing dishes that offer enough variety.

Sure, it can be a delicious mistake. But some of us don't like making mistakes. So here's what you need to know.

Where to Start

The best way to order is to do it with friends or as a family so that you can order a number of different dishes, and pass them around the table and enjoy a few bites of every single thing. Starters are always a great place to begin, so make sure you include a few items such as prawn toasts and spring rolls. Prawn toast is a delicious mixture of minced prawns and chicken served on little squares of toast. Who can resist? There are pretty much never any of these left over. They make for a great appetiser dish in any Chinese meal.

Part of the fun of ordering a Chinese takeaway is having a number of different tastes and textures to enjoy in one meal. Spring rolls are an essential part of any Chinese order. They come in various bite-sized versions, like the Noodle House in Galway's Vegetarian Rolls with Sweet Chilli on its small bites menu. Of course, you can get spring rolls with meat fillings, too.

Duck's a treat that most people wouldn't get around to cooking for themselves. And cooked Chinese-style, crispy duck pancakes are always a winning addition to a Chinese takeaway meal to eat at home. Ideally, you'll eat this at the beginning of the meal, to enjoy the pancakes when they're at their freshest. The combination of rice flour pancakes, tasty aromatic duck, spring onions and cucumber matchsticks together with a dribble of hoisin sauce makes this a delicious pop-into-your mouth starter choice.

Moving onto the mains

As for the mains, you can't beat a classic like Chow Mein. Every Chinese restaurant serves it and with its combination of stir-fried noodles mixed with veggies, seafood or different meats, you get a great taste experience. There's always a great variety of texture in a Chow Mein and it goes well with a heap of other Chinese dishes, too. At Madame Mok in Limerick, there's a choice of different chow meins available. If you like your chow mein hot, then follow the Chef's Recommendation and pick the Singapore Chow Mein.

Chop Suey is as traditional a takeaway dish as Chow Mein. The name actually translates as "assorted pieces" and it's an apt description for a dish that combines seafood or fish with eggs, tossed with vegetables such as bean sprouts and cabbage. To finish, the mix is coated in a sticky and tasty sauce. At Yuan Ming Yuan in Cork, choose to have your Chop Suey with King Prawns, Chicken, Beef or Beef Fillet.

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Of course, it's important to remember to order side dishes such as special fried rice or noodles, especially if you've ordered some dishes that come without a staple such as sweet and sour pork or chicken. Sweet and sour is always a popular choice, especially for children. This is probably not too much of a surprise, given that the sweet and sticky coating contains sugar or honey along with rice vinegar to add a 'sour' contrast.

There are so many tasty options when you look at a Chinese menu that it's sometimes difficult to decide what's best to order. The good thing is, though, that all the dishes go together nicely and it's almost impossible to make a bad choice!

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