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Dublin Has Plenty Of Japanese Food Alternatives

Why sushi is not the only show in town for Japanese food lovers

Given the huge popularity of sushi and sashimi in Ireland you could be forgiven for thinking that they're all there is to Japanese cuisine. Sure, they're quick and easy to eat whether you're on the go or settled down at home but, as anyone who's explored the many other areas of the country's cooking will know, these tasty morsels are just part of the story.

Try out any of Dublin's many Japanese restaurants and you'll also discover for yourself just how exciting and varied the flavours and styles of cooking can be. Here are five great examples, and the restaurants that use them, to show you just what we mean.

1. Teriyaki – Fujiyama

Teriyaki is a cooking style that originated as early as the 17th century but it still tastes fantastic today when prepared at Fujiyama. The word "teri" in Japanse refers to the unique shine that the meat ingredient is given thanks to the special glaze of soy, mirin rice wine and sugar that's applied before cooking. Traditionally served on a bed of vegetables and garnished with sesame seeds, spring onions and ginger, it's an alluring combination of sweet and savoury flavours.

2. Katsu Curry – Eatokyo

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Katsu curry is also a delicious mix of flavours and textures and that's thanks to the special way that it's prepared. First a chicken fillet is deep fried in breadcrumbs – preferably panko – and then served with the katsu curry sauce alongside plain boiled rice and Japanese pickles. It's a treat even vegetarians can enjoy at Eatokyo where they also offer a tofu alternative.

3. Yaki Noodles – Banyi

Traditionally made using buckwheat noodles back in Japan, over here these are usually made from wheat to provide one of the most filling dishes that you'll find on any Japanese menu. At Banyi they stir fry your choice of soba or the thicker udon noodles with chicken, vegetables dried katsuobushi and smoked tuna flakes to create a dish that's rich in umami flavours.

4.Teppanyaki – Hailan

This is a style of preparation that's often carried out in front of your very eyes by a highly skilled Teppanyaki chef who griddles the ingredients in soya bean oil, chops them expertly and serves them to you sizzling hot. There's usually a wide choice available and at Hailan this includes chicken, salmon, steak and sea bass where all come served with both rice and chips to make a truly satisfying meal.

5.Tempura – Kuraudo


Almost every one of the world's cuisines features a special technique of deep frying and Japan is no exception. As you'd expect theirs is an especially light and crispy version using the special tempura batter which uses flour, corn starch and egg to coat seafood or vegetables before quick frying and serving with dipping sauces. Try it at Kuraudo and you'll be able to enjoy it as a side dish or served with ramen noodles.

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