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  2. Korea’s kimchi is adding pizzazz to your favourite Asian dishes in Ireland – Here’s where to find it
Crazy about kimchi - 5 Asian dishes inspired by this Korean staple

Korea’s kimchi is adding pizzazz to your favourite Asian dishes in Ireland – Here’s where to find it

If you're one for keeping up with world food trends or you simply enjoy vibrant flavours, there's one dish that's sure to be on your lips right now – kimchi. Originating from the households of Korea, kimchi is a staple that's transcended the North/South divide. There are hundreds of varieties of kimchi, each made with different salted and fermented vegetables and seasoned with fresh chillies, garlic and ginger to really pack a punch! The good news is, the dish has made its way to Ireland and you can now enjoy kimchi in Dublin — these five Asian restaurants are already putting it to good use in dishes you'd often see on your typical Japanese or Chinese takeaway menu.

1. Kimchi Fried Rice - Hailan Korean Restaurant

The guys at Hailan Korean Restaurant have been cooking up a storm for Dubliners since 2014, bringing Korean food to the masses. They've had rave reviews and we're here to give them our seal of approval for their mouth-watering Kimchi Fried Rice. It's one of their most popular dishes, with pickled and spicy kimchi interspersed with fluffy fried rice, topped with another oozy fried egg for good measure!

2. Stir Fried Kimchi & Pork - Hailan Chinese and Korean Restaurant

If you prefer your kimchi with a little meat, Hailan Chinese and Korean Restaurant are serving up a true household favourite. Korean Stir-Fried Pork with Kimchi is a beautifully balanced dish. Combine that with a side of Light Stir-Fried Eggs in Soy Sauce and you have a meal fit for a king or queen. The sweetness of the kimchi perfectly balances the saltier tender sliced pork.

3. Kimchi Soup - Fujiyama

What better way to put a smile on your face on a cold, windy day than to sit down with a bowl of Fujiyama's Kimchi Soup. These guys have been bringing the delicate aromatic flavours of Japanese cuisine to the capital for many years now and their warming Tuna Kimchi Soup is a wholesome starter before one of their great-value Bento Boxes, for those who like to dabble in a bit of everything!

4. Kimchi In a Poke Bowl - Klaw PoKé

Klaw PoKé use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to bring the Hawaiian-influenced poké bowls to the people of Dublin. You could create your very own poké bowl and choose your base, protein, sauce and toppings, but we recommend the Mauna Kea, which is packed with kimchi, fresh Irish salmon and avocado before it's topped with fiery sriracha aioli for an extra dimension of flavour.

5. Monster Kimchi Fries - Bread and Bones

Last but by no means least, Bread and Bones are fast becoming one of the go-to pan-Asian street food joints in Dublin. Combining the convenience of fast western-style food with the bold flavours of the east, it's a real feast for the taste buds. Their Kimchi Fries are the talk of the town, topped with their homemade kimchi and moreish garlic mayo.

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